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MCOB applies to regulated mortgage contracts. For certain categories of regulated mortgage contract, MCOB applies from the dates mentioned in MCOB 1.2.21G. A credit agreement secured on land5 that is not a regulated mortgage contract, for example because the borrower is not an individual or a trustee,5 may be a regulated credit agreement to which the CCA and CONC apply (see CONC 1.2.7G).542421
If, notwithstanding the steps taken by a firm to comply with MCOB 1.6.3 R, it transpires that a mortgage which the firm has treated as unregulated or as a regulated credit agreement4 is in fact a regulated mortgage contract, the firm must as soon as practicable after the correct status of the mortgage has been established:(1) contact the customer and provide him with the following information in a durable medium:(a) a statement that the mortgage contract is a regulated mortgage
A firm must provide to the account-holder, in writing, the information in CONC 4.7.2R (2) at least annually.[Note: section 74A of CCA (partial implementation of article 18 of the Consumer Credit Directive)]
(1) A firm must inform the account-holder in writing of the matters in (2) without delay where:(a) the account-holder overdraws on the current account without a pre-arranged overdraft, or exceeds a pre-arranged overdraft limit, for a period exceeding one month; (b) the amount of that overdraft or excess is significant throughout that period; (c) the overdraft or excess is a regulated credit agreement; and(d) the account-holder has not been informed in writing of the matters in
A firm must not carry on a credit-related regulated activity under a name which is likely to mislead customers about the status of the firm or the nature of its business, or in any other way.[Note: section 25(1AD) of CCA]
Any specific rule or piece of guidance in CONC is without prejudice to the application of PRIN, any other rules in the Handbooks, the CCA and secondary legislation made and things done under it, the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, the Consumer Rights Act 20152, Part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002 and any other applicable consumer protection legislation.
CONC 7.17.3RRP
A firm must comply with this section where the following conditions are satisfied:(1) a borrower is required to have made at least two payments under the agreement before that time;(2) the total sum paid under the agreement by the borrower is less than the total sum required to have been paid before that time;(3) the amount of the shortfall is no less than the sum of the last two payments which the borrower is required to have made before that time;(4) the firm is not already
CONC 7.17.5RRP
(1) The duty of the firm to give the borrower notices under CONC 7.17.4 R will cease when either of the conditions mentioned in (2) is satisfied but, if either of those conditions is satisfied before the notice required by CONC 7.17.4R (1) is given, the duty will not cease until that notice is given.(2) The conditions referred to in (1) are:(a) that the borrower ceases to be in arrears;(b) that a judgment is given in relation to the agreement under which a sum is required to be
CONC 7.18.2RRP
A firm must comply with this section where the following conditions are satisfied:(1) a borrower is required to have made at least two repayments under the agreement;(2) the last two repayments which the borrower is required to have made before that time have not been made;(3) the firm has not already been required to give a notice under CONC 7.18.3 R in relation to the agreement;(4) the lender is not already under a duty to give the borrower notice under section 86C of the CCA;
CONC 7.18.3RRP
(1) The firm must, when the firm next sends a statement to the borrower, give or send the borrower a notice including the information set out in CONC 7.18.5 R.(2) A firm must accompany the notice required by (1) with a copy of the current arrears information sheet under section 86A of the CCA with the following modifications:(-a) for the heading “Arrears” substitute “Arrears – peer-to-peer lending”;1(a) for the bullet point headed “Work out how much money you owe” substitute:“Work
CONC 11.1.2RRP
(1) For a credit agreement there is no right to cancel under CONC 11.1.1 R, unless (2) or (3) applies, in respect of:(a) a regulated consumer credit agreement (within the meaning of that section) to which section 66A (right to withdraw) of the CCA applies;(b) a credit agreement under which a lender provides credit to a consumer and where the consumer's obligation to repay is secured by a legal mortgage on land;(c) a credit agreement cancelled under regulation 15(1) of the Consumer
CONC 11.1.3GRP
Section 66A of the CCA (right to withdraw) does not apply to an agreement for credit exceeding £60,260 (unless the agreement is a residential renovation agreement)2, an agreement secured on land, a restricted-use credit agreement to finance the purchase of land or an agreement for a bridging loan in connection with the purchase of land. Section 67 of the CCA (cancellable agreements) applies to regulated credit agreements (apart from agreements secured on land, restricted-use credit
1The evidential provisions and guidance for step 2 apply in relation to complaints received by CCA lenders about sales where the payment protection contract covers or covered or purported to cover (this includes partial coverage) a credit agreement.
EG 20.2.1RP
1The CCA Order applies much of Part 11 of the Act. The effect of this is to apply the same procedures under the Act for appointing investigators and requiring information when investigating contraventions of the CCA Requirements and offences committed under the CCA.
A firm must not unfairly encourage, incentivise or induce a customer to enter into a regulated credit agreement quickly without allowing the customer time to consider the pre-contract information under section 55 of the CCA and the explanations provided under CONC 4.2.5 R.[Note: paragraph 5.10 of ILG]
EG 20.5.1RP
1The FCA's policy with respect to the prosecution of criminal offences is set out in EG 12 and applies to the prosecution of CCA offences under section 401 of the Act. The FCA will not prosecute a person for an offence under the CCA in respect of an act or omission where the FCA has already disciplined the person under section 66, 205, 206 or 206A of the Act in respect of that act or omission.
(1) Where a firm is entitled to payments from the same customer in respect of two or more regulated agreements, the firm must allow the customer, on making any payment in respect of those agreements which is not sufficient to discharge the total amount then due under all the agreements, to appropriate the sum paid by him:(a) in or towards the satisfaction of the sum due under any one of the agreements; or(b) in or towards the satisfaction of the sums due under any two or more
(1) Where rights of a lender under a regulated credit agreement are assigned to a firm, that firm must arrange for notice of the assignment to be given to the customer: (a) as soon as reasonably possible; or(b) if, after the assignment, the arrangements for servicing the credit under the agreement do not change as far as the customer is concerned, on or before the first occasion they do.[Note: section 82A of CCA] (2) Paragraph (1) does not apply to an agreement secured on land.(3)
Where a credit broker ("B") is a negotiator (within the meaning of section 56(1) of the CCA), B must, at the same time as B gives notice to a customer, under section 157(1) of the CCA (which relates to the duty to disclose on request the name and address of any credit reference agency consulted by B) also give the customer notice of the name and address of any credit reference agency of which B has been informed under CONC 2.4.2 R.[Note: regulation 3 of SI 1977/ 330]
Where a credit broker ("B") is not a negotiator (within the meaning of section 56(1) of the CCA), B must, within seven working days after receiving a request in writing for any such information, which is made by a customer within 28 days after the termination of any negotiations relating to a regulated credit agreement or a regulated consumer hire agreement whether on the making of the agreement or otherwise, give to the customer notice of: (1) the name and address of any credit
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) [deleted]66(2) [deleted]66(3) Friendly Societies Act 1992, section 58A1: The warning notice and decision notice must set out the terms of the direction which the FCA6 proposes or has decided to give and any specification of when the friendly society is to comply with it. A decision notice given under section 58A(3) must give an indication of the society's right, given by
CONC 2.10.20GRP
Where a firm understands, or reasonably suspects, a customer has or may have a mental capacity limitation the firm should take particular care that the customer is not provided with credit which the firm knows, or reasonably believes, to be unsuitable to the customer's needs, even where the credit would be affordable.[Note: paragraph 4.43 of MCG]
MCOB 9.4.102RRP
Under the sub-heading "Credit card", the illustration must:(1) state whether a credit card is offered with thelifetime mortgage;7 and7(2) if a credit card is offered and it is a mortgage credit card:(a) unless (b) applies, include the following text:"This card will not give you a number of the statutory rights associated with traditional credit cards. Your lifetime mortgage offer will tell you more about the differences." or(b) where the mortgage lender provides the customer with
MCOB 9.4.106RRP
(1) Where additional features are included in accordance with MCOB 9.4.91 R and these are credit facilities that do not meet the definition of a regulated mortgage contract or a regulated credit agreement9, the relevant parts of Section 14 of the illustration must include the following text:"This additional feature is not regulated by the FCA."1(2) Where additional features are included in accordance with MCOB 9.4.91 R and these are credit facilities that meet the definition of