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SUP 16.18.2GRP

Type of AIFM




AIFMD level 2 regulation

full-scope UK AIFM

FUND 3.4 (Reporting obligation to the FCA) and SUP 16.18.5 R

Article 110 (Reporting to competent authorities) (as replicated in SUP 16.18.4UK5)

small authorised UK AIFM

SUP 16.18.6 R

Article 110 (Reporting to competent authorities) (as replicated in SUP 16.18.4UK5)

small registered UK AIFM

SUP 16.18.7 D

Article 110 (Reporting to competent authorities) (as replicated in SUP 16.18.4UK5)

above- threshold non-UK AIFM5marketing in the UK

SUP 16.18.8 G

Article 110 (Reporting to competent authorities) (as replicated in SUP 16.18.4UK5)

small non-UK AIFM5marketing in the UK

SUP 16.18.9 D

Article 110 (Reporting to competent authorities) (as replicated in SUP 16.18.4UK5)

SUP 16.19.3DRP
A firm must report its compliance in the form specified in SUP 16 Annex 1AR using the appropriate online systems accessible from the FCA's website.
SUP 16.19.4DRP
A firm which is subject to SUP 16.7A (Annual reports and accounts) must report its compliance at the same time that it submits its annual reports and accounts to the FCA.
Every credit union must make available, free of charge, to every member or person interested in the funds of the credit union who applies for it, a copy of the latest annual return4 of the credit union and auditor’s report for that year4 sent to the FCA under section 89 of the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 20144.
SUP 10C.10.18GRP
The6firm should not send a copy of the certificate to the FCA unless required to do so under SUP 10C.10.18AG or SUP 10C.10.28G (requests for additional information)6.5
CASS 11.3.4RRP
A CASS large debt management firm must allocate to a director or senior manager the function of: (1) oversight of the operational effectiveness of that CASS debt management firm's systems and controls that are designed to achieve compliance with CASS 11; (2) reporting to the CASS debt management firm'sgoverning body in respect of that oversight; and(3) completing and submitting a CCR005 return to the FCA in accordance with SUP 16.12.29C R.
CASS 11.3.5RRP
SUP 16.22.5DRP
The payment accounts report required by SUP 16.22.3D and SUP 16.22.4R must be submitted:(1) by electronic means made available by the FCA;2(2) in the format set out in SUP 16 Annex 41AD; notes for the completion of the report are set out in SUP 16 Annex 41BG; and(3) within two months of the end of the relevant reporting period.
9When determining under section 66A(5)(d) of the Act whether or not an SMF manager has taken such steps as a person in their position could reasonably be expected to take to avoid the contravention of a relevant requirement by the firm occurring (or continuing), additional considerations to which the FCA would expect to have regard include, but are not limited to:(1) the role and responsibilities of the SMF manager (for example, such steps as an SMF manager in a non-executive
EG 19.35.1RP
The FCA has investigation and enforcement powers in relation to both criminal and non-criminal breaches of the DRS Regulations (including requirements imposed on persons subject to the DRS Regulations by MiFIR and any onshored regulation which was an EU regulation2 made under MiFIR or MiFID). The DRS Regulations impose requirements on data reporting services providers (“DRSPs”) which are entities authorised or verified to provide services of:12(1) publishing trade reports (“APA”);(2)
DEPP 2.5.18GRP
Some of the distinguishing features of notices given under enactments other than the Act are as follows: (1) [deleted]66(2) [deleted]66(3) Friendly Societies Act 1992, section 58A1: The warning notice and decision notice must set out the terms of the direction which the FCA6 proposes or has decided to give and any specification of when the friendly society is to comply with it. A decision notice given under section 58A(3) must give an indication of the society's right, given by
SUP 15.8.9RRP
SUP 15.11.13RRP
(1) A firm must make any notifications required pursuant to section 64C of the Act relating to conduct rules staff other than SMF managers4in accordance with SUP 15.11.13R to SUP 15.11.15R.3(2) That notification must be made annually.3(3) Each notification must:3(a) cover;63(i) 6(in the case of a firm falling within SYSC 23 Annex 1 6.7R (credit firms with limited permission)) its annual financial reporting period ending on its accounting reference date; or(ii) 6(for any other
SYSC 3.2.16GRP
9(1) Depending on the nature, scale and complexity of its business, it may be appropriate for a firm to delegate much of the task of monitoring the appropriateness and effectiveness of its systems and controls to an internal audit function. An internal audit function should have clear responsibilities and reporting lines to an audit committee or appropriate senior manager, be adequately resourced and staffed by competent individuals, be independent of the day-to-day activities
MAR 5.6.1RRP
1A firm2 must:(1) report to the FCA any2: (a) significant breaches of the firm's rules;(b) disorderly trading conditions;2(c) conduct that may involve market abuse; and2(d) system disruptions in relation to a financial instrument;2(2) supply the information required under this rule without delay to the FCA and any other authority competent for the investigation and prosecution of market abuse; and2(3) provide full assistance to the FCA, and any other authority competent for the
MAR 5.6.2RRP
3A firm operating an MTF must give the FCA a summary of: (1) any proposal to introduce, amend or renew a scheme for rebating or waiving fees or charges levied on its members or participants (or any group or class of them), at the same time as the proposal is communicated to those members or participants; and (2) any such change, no later than the date when it is published or notified to the members or participants.
CASS 7.13.24GRP
The rules in SUP 16.14 provide that CASS large firms and CASS medium firms must report to the FCA in relation to the identity of the entities with which they deposit client money and the amounts of client money deposited with those entities. The FCA will use that information to monitor compliance with the diversification rule in CASS 7.13.20 R.
CASS 7.13.58RRP
(1) In addition to the requirement under CASS 7.13.57 R, before adopting the alternative approach, a firm must send a written report to the FCA prepared by an independent auditor of the firm in line with a reasonable assurance engagement, stating the matters set out in (2).(2) The written report in (1) must state whether, in the auditor's opinion:(a) the firm's systems and controls are suitably designed to enable it to comply with CASS 7.13.62 R to CASS 7.13.65 R; and(b) the firm's
CASS 7.13.60RRP
A firm that uses the alternative approach must not materially change how it will calculate and maintain the alternative approach mandatory prudent segregation amount under CASS 7.13.65 R unless:(1) an auditor of the firm has prepared a report that complies with the requirements in CASS 7.13.58 R (2)(b) in respect of the firm's proposed changes; and (2) the firm provides a copy of the report prepared by the auditor under (a) to the FCA before implementing the change.