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(1) CASS 5.8 applies to a firm (including in its capacity as trustee under CASS 5.4) which in the course of insurance distribution activity2 takes into its possession for safekeeping any client title documents (other than documents of no value) or other tangible assets belonging to clients.(2) CASS 5.8 does not apply to a firm when: (a) carrying on an insurance distribution activity2 which is in respect of a reinsurance contract; or(b) acting in accordance with CASS 61 (Custo
The rules in this section amplify the obligation in Principle 10 which requires a firm to arrange adequate protection for client's assets. Firms carrying on insurance distribution activities2 may hold, on a temporary or longer basis, client title documents such as policy documents (other than policy documents of no value) and also items of physical property if, for example, a firm arranges for a valuation. The rules are intended to ensure that firms make adequate arrangements
(1) A firm which has in its possession or control documents evidencing a client's title to a contract of insurance or other similar documents (other than documents of no value) or which takes into its possession or control tangible assets belonging to a client, must take reasonable steps to ensure that any such documents or items of property:(a) are kept safe until they are delivered to the client;(b) are not delivered or given to any other person except in accordance with instructions
SYSC 10A.1.13RRP
Client instructions given otherwise than by telephone must be made in a durable medium such as by mail, faxes, emails or documentation of client instructions issued at meetings. In particular, the content of relevant face-to-face conversations with a client may be recorded by using written minutes or notes. [Note: article 16(7) of MiFID, seventh subparagraph]
SYSC 10A.1.14RRP
The records kept in accordance with this chapter must be: (1) provided by the firm to the client involved upon request; and(2) kept for a period of five years and, where requested by the FCA, for a period of up to seven years.[Note: article 16(7) of MiFID, ninth subparagraph]
CASS 11.10.5RRP
On each occasion a CASS debt management firm receives client money from a client in relation to a debt management plan, or for the purpose of distribution to the client's creditors, and is unable for any reason other than in the circumstances described in CASS 11.10.3 R (1) to make a payment to the client's creditors within five business days of receipt, it must: (1) inform the client of the delay and the reason for the delay;(2) inform the client of the risks and implications
(1) A firm must make a record of any safe custody asset disposed of in accordance with CASS 6.7.2R at the time of the disposal.(2) The record under paragraph (1) must state:(a) the safe custody asset that was disposed of;(b) the value of the consideration received for the safe custody asset disposed of; (c) the name and contact details of the client to whom the safe custody asset was allocated, according to the firm’s records at the time of making the record under this rule; and(d)
(1) CASS 5.1 to CASS 5.6 apply, subject to (2), (3) and CASS 5.1.3 R to CASS 5.1.6 R, to a firm that receives or holds money in the course of or in connection with its insurance distribution activity8.(2) CASS 5.1 to CASS 5.6 do not, subject to (3), apply:(a) to a firm to the extent that it acts in accordance with the client money chapter; or64(b) [deleted]8(c) to an insurance undertaking in respect of its permitted activities; or(d) to a managing agent when acting as such; or(e)
A firm (other than a common platform firm)5 must arrange for orderly records to be kept of its business and internal organisation, including all services and transactions undertaken by it, which must be sufficient to enable the FCA5 or any other relevant competent authority under 5the UCITS Directive4 to monitor the firm's compliance with the requirements under the regulatory system, and in particular to ascertain that the firm has complied with all obligations with respect to
(1) A firm must not agree to:(a) deal in investments as agent for an insurance undertaking in connection with an insurance distribution activity3; or(b) act as agent for an insurance undertaking for the purpose of settling claims or handling premium refunds; or(c) otherwise receive money as agent of an insurance undertaking;unless:(d) it has entered into a written agreement with the insurance undertaking to that effect; and(e) it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the terms
A firm need not retain its records relating to suitability if the client does not proceed with the recommendation5
Schedule to the Recognition Requirements Regulations, paragraphs 3 – 3H4Paragraph 3 – Systems and controls4(1)The [UK RIE] must ensure that the systems and controls, including procedures and arrangements,4 used in the performance of its functions and the functions of the trading venues it operates are adequate, effective4 and appropriate for the scale and nature of its business.(2)Sub-paragraph (1) applies in particular to systems and controls concerning - (a)the transmission