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CONC App 1.4.7RRP
A statement of high net worth for the purposes of articles 60H(1)(d) and 60Q(c) of the Regulated Activities Order must have the following form and content: 2“Statement of High Net Worth(articles 60H(1) and 60Q of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001)2I/We* (insert full name) .............................................................. of (insert address and postcode).............................................................. confirm
PERG 8.37.10GRP
(1) The restrictions on the marketing of an AIF in regulations 49 to 51 only apply to marketing that takes place in the UK. In addition, under regulation 45, an AIFM or an investment firm only markets an AIF if the investor is domiciled in the United Kingdom or Gibraltar2 or has its registered office in the United Kingdom or Gibraltar2.(2) Under regulation 2(2)(a) (Interpretation), the reference to ‘domicile’ should be construed in line with its meaning in AIFMD2. This may be
(1) Several of the matters set out in COLL 3.2.6 R are required to be included in the instrument constituting the fund14 under the OEIC Regulations, Contractual Scheme Regulations12 or as a consequence of relevant trust law. In addition, further statements are required if the scheme or the authorised fund manager are to take advantage of the powers under the rules in this sourcebook.14(2) Additional matters which are not contained in COLL 3.2.6 R may be required to be included
(1) 3In considering whether a retirement interest-only mortgage that will be used to release capital is appropriate to the needs and circumstances of the customer for the purposes of MCOB 4.7A.2R, a firm must consider, in addition to the factors set out in MCOB 4.7A.6R, whether the benefits to the customer outweigh any adverse effect on:(a) the customer’s entitlement (if any) to means-tested benefits; and(b) the customer’s tax position.(2) In considering the factors set out in
If a respondent is in doubt about the eligibility of a business, charity or trust, it should treat the complainant as if it were eligible. If the complaint is referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service, the Ombudsman will determine eligibility by reference to appropriate evidence, such as audited accounts or VAT returns.124
MCOB 5.4.25RRP
5When a firm issues an illustration for a retirement interest-only mortgage that will be used to release capital, the firm must inform the customer that taking out the mortgage may affect the customer’s tax position and entitlement to benefits, and that the customer should consider taking advice on these issues before applying.
Many options are long-term and need careful consideration. Improving longevity, for example, can increase the value of guaranteed annuity options vesting further in the future. firms also need to have regard to the fact that policyholder behaviour can change in the future as policyholders become more aware of the value of their options. The impact on policyholder behaviour of possible changes in taxation should also be considered.
PERG 6.7.18GRP
When self-assessment for income tax was first introduced, a number of providers set up schemes connected with their tax accounting and tax advisory services. In consideration of an annual fee, the provider undertakes to deal with any enquiries or investigations that HM Revenue and Customs might launch into the self-assessment that the provider completes for the recipient. The event covered by these schemes (an investigation) is both uncertain and adverse to the interests of the
The following are the criteria that the appropriate regulator will take into account when considering whether the condition in BIPRU 2.1.24 R is going to be met:(1) the speed with which funds can be transferred or liabilities repaid to the firm and the simplicity of the method for the transfer or repayment;(2) whether there are any interests other than those of the firm in the subsidiary undertaking and what impact those other interests may have on the firm's control over the
LR 10.2.8RRP
If:(1) a major subsidiary undertaking of a listed company issues equity shares for cash or in exchange for other securities or to reduce indebtedness;(2) the issue would dilute the listed company's percentage interest in the major subsidiary undertaking; and(3) the economic effect of the dilution is equivalent to a disposal of 25% or more of the aggregate of the gross assets or profits (after the deduction of all charges except taxation) of the group;the issue is to be treated
LR 9.8.4RRP
In addition to the requirements set out in DTR 4.1 a listed company1 must include in its annual financial report1, where applicable, the following:1(1) a statement of the amount of interest capitalised by the group during the period under review with an indication of the amount and treatment of any related tax relief;(2) any information required by LR 9.2.18 R (Publication of unaudited financial information);(3) [deleted]1313(4) details of any long-term incentive schemes as required
MCOB 10.3.3RRP
(1) The APR must be calculated on the basis of the following assumptions:(a) the assumption that the customer will not be entitled to any income tax relief relating to the transaction other than relief under sections 266-7 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and Schedule 14-15 to the same Act without any deduction under section 274 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988;(b) the assumption that no assistance is given under the Home Purchase Assistance and Housing
PERG 8.29.5GRP
Without an explicit or implicit recommendation on the merits of buying, exchanging, redeeming, holding4 or selling an investment, advice will not be covered by article 53(1)3 if it is advice on:(1) the likely meaning of uncertain provisions in an investment agreement; or(2) how to complete an application form; or(3) the value of investments for which there is no ready market; or(4) the effect of contractual terms and their commercial consequences; or(5) how to structure a transaction
FEES 12.2.6RRP
(1) All levies payable under FEES 12 are stated net of VAT.(2) Where VAT is applicable, this must also be included.
Price information is likely also to include at least the total premium (or the basis for calculating it so that the customer can verify it) and, where relevant:(1) for policies of over one year with reviewable premiums, the period for which the quoted premium is valid, and the timing of reviews;(2) other fees, administrative charges and taxes payable by the customer through the firm; and(3) a statement identifying separately the possibility of any taxes not payable through the
If a firm refers to price, it must do so clearly and unambiguously, indicating whether the price is inclusive of tax and delivery costs.[Note: article 5(2) of the E-Commerce Directive]
Where a firm provides services to a consumer by way of a distance contract, the firm must provide the consumer with the following information in a durable medium in good time before the distance contract has been agreed:(1) the information which is required by MCOB 4.4A.1 R to MCOB 4.4A.8A R;22(2) whether or not the firm will be providing the consumer with advice;(3) the name and the main business of the firm, the geographical address at which it is established and any other geographical
MCOB 6.9.11RRP
The SRB agreement provider must keep a record of the written pre-offer document at Stage One and the written offer document for signing at Stage Two for a period of:(1) one year after the end of the fixed term of the tenancy under the regulated sale and rent back agreement; or(2) five years from the date of the disclosures and warnings, written offer documents and cooling-off period notices;whichever is the longer.