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(1) The FCA may dispense with, or modify, a requirement in DTR 8 in such cases and by reference to such circumstances as it considers appropriate (subject to the Act).(2) A dispensation or modification may be either unconditional or subject to specified conditions.(3) If a primary information provider or a person that is applying for approval as a primary information provider has applied for, or been granted, a dispensation or modification, it must notify the FCA immediately it
A primary information provider or a person applying for approval as a primary information provider must consult with the FCA at the earliest possible stage if they:(1) are in doubt about how a requirement in DTR 8 applies in a particular situation; or(2) consider that it may be necessary for the FCA to dispense with or modify a requirement in DTR 8.
A potential applicant for Part 4A permission1715has the opportunity to discuss its proposed application 15with the 9FCA before submitting it formally.2 If an applicant for Part 4A permission1715does so, the 9FCA will be able to use that dialogue to make an initial assessment of the fee categorisation and therefore indicate the authorisation fee that should be paid. 171717922171717179
Application fees for applications for and variations of Part 4A permission in respect of credit-related regulated activities are also set out in FEES 3 Annex 1F. Applications for Part 4A permission in respect of credit-related regulated activities are categorised by the 9FCA for the purposes of fee raising as straightforward, moderately complex and complex as identified in FEES 3 Annex 1, unless the application is for a limited permission.799[Note: PRA-authorised persons may also
SUP 15.3.27GRP
15Changes that the FCA would expect to be notified of under SUP 15.3.26 R include:(1) an AIFM being appointed to manage another AIF;(2) the appointment of a different depositary for an AIF the AIFM manages; and(3) the appointment of any new senior personnel if the AIFM is not required to apply for the FCA's approval for that appointment under section 59 of the Act.
FIT 1.3.5GRP
During the application process for a controlled function, the 1FCA1 may discuss the assessment of the candidate's fitness and propriety informally with the firm making the application and may retain any notes of those discussions.11
A person considering applying for a certificate should, before sending in any application, contact the Perimeter Enquiries Team of the FCA (email:, Tel 0800 111 6768) to discuss whether a certificate may be appropriate.
The purpose of the requirements in DTR 8 is to make the Part 6 rules permitted under section 89P of the Act in relation to primary information providers and persons applying for approval as primary information providers. [Note: When exercising its functions under Part VI of the Act, the FCA may use the name: the UK Listing Authority.][Note: Other parts of the Handbook that may also be relevant to primary information providers include DEPP (Decision Procedure and Penalties manual)
COBS 20.2.42RRP
A firm that is seeking to make a reattribution of its inherited estate must:(1) first discuss with the FCA7 (as part of its determination under COBS 20.2.21 R):227(a) its projections for capital required to support existing business, which must include an assessment of:2(i) the firm's future risk appetite for the with-profits fund and other relevant business; and2(ii) how much of the margin for prudence can be identified as excessive and removed from the projected capital requirements;
COBS 20.2.43GRP
The firm should include an independent element in the policyholder advocate selection process, which may include consulting representative groups of policyholders or using the services of a recruitment consultant. When considering an application for approval of a nominee to perform the policyholder advocate role, the FCA will have regard to the extent to which the firm has involved others in the selection process.
COLL 6.9.11RRP
An ICVC must notify the FCA within 14 days of the occurrence of any of the following:(1) any amendment to the instrument of incorporation;(2) any change in the address of the head office of the ICVC;(3) any change of director;(4) any change of depositary;(5) in respect of any director or depositary, any change in the information mentioned in regulation 12(1)(b) or (c) of the OEIC Regulations (Applications for authorisation);(6) any change of the auditor of the ICVC;(7) any order
EG 16.2.7RP
1Where the FCA is considering making a disapplication order against a member as a result of a breach of rules made by the FCA under section 323(1) of the Act, it will take into account any proposed application by the member concerned for authorisation under the Act. The FCA may refrain from making a disapplication order pending its consideration of the application for authorisation.
EG 9.9.1RP
1When the FCA's decision to withdraw an approval has become effective, the position of the firm which applied for that approval depends on whether it directly employs the person concerned, or whether the person is employed by one of its contractors.
EG 16.4.2RP
1A disapplication order in relation to exempt regulated activities made against a member will be relevant should that member subsequently apply for authorisation under the Act. Whether or not such an application for authorisation is successful will depend on many factors, including the FCA's grounds for making the disapplication order. For example, if the order for disapplication of the exemption was made on the grounds of a breach of rules made under section 332(1) of the Act,
(1) The effect of section 59 of the Act is that if a person is to perform certain functions (which are known as controlled functions) for a credit union, the credit union should first apply for approval to:2(a) the FCA (if the controlled function is specified by the FCA in its rules); or2(b) the PRA (if the controlled function is specified by the PRA in its rules).2(2) The firm should not allow the person to perform that function until the firm receives the approval.2(3) A person
EG 9.2.4RP
1Where the FCA issues a prohibition order, it may indicate in the decision notice or final notice that it would be minded to revoke the order on the application of the individual in the future, in the absence of new evidence that the individual is not fit and proper. If the FCA gives such an indication, it will specify the number of years after which it would be minded to revoke or vary the prohibition on an application. However, the FCA will only adopt this approach in cases
COLL 6.12.8GRP
Authorised fund managers6 are advised that when they applied for authorisation from the FCA under the Act, their ability to comply with the requirements in COLL 6.12.7 R would have been assessed by the FCA as an aspect of their fitness and properness in determining whether the threshold conditions set out in Schedule 6 (Threshold conditions) of the Act were met. Firms are further advised that their compliance with these requirements is subject to review by the FCA on an ongoing
(1) Under section 55B(3) of the Act3, in giving or varying a Part 4A permission,3 imposing or varying any requirement or giving consent3, the FCA3 must ensure that the firm concerned will satisfy, and continue to satisfy, the FCA3threshold conditions in relation to all of the regulated activities for which it has or will have permission.(2) [deleted]43333333
FIT 1.2.1GRP
Under section 61(1) of the Act (Determination of applications), the FCA7 may grant an application for approval made under section 60 (Applications for approval) of the Act14 only if it is satisfied that the candidate is fit and proper to perform the controlled function to which the application relates.7
COLL 12.3.4RRP
(1) An EEA UCITS management company which applies to manage a UCITS scheme under paragraph 15A(1) of Schedule 3 to the Act must provide the FCA with the following documents:(a) the written contract3 that has been entered into with the depositary3 of the scheme, as referred to in article 22(2) of the UCITS Directive3; (b) information on any delegation arrangements it has made regarding the functions of investment management and administration, as referred to in Annex II of the