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COLL 6.6.11GRP
SUP 15.3 (General notification requirements) contains rules and guidance on matters that should be notified to the FCA. Such matters include, but are not limited to, any circumstance that the depositary becomes aware of whilst undertaking its functions or duties in COLL 6.6.4 R (1) (General duties of the depositary) and (where applicable) COLL 6.6.4BR (Specific duties of a depositary: oversight of the liquidity management of a FIIA),18 that the FCA would reasonably view as
For the purpose of the annual notification to which CASS 1A.2.9 Rrefers4, a firm must apply the calculation rule in CASS 1A.2.3 R.442
DISP 1.10.9RRP
For the purpose of inclusion in the public record maintained by the FCA, a firm must:10(1) provide the FCA, at the time of its authorisation, with details of a single contact point within the firm for complainants; and10(2) notify the FCA of any subsequent change in those details when convenient and, at the latest, in the firm's next report under the complaints reporting rules.10
5An authorised fund manager 6 subject to COLL 6.12.3R(2) must notify the FCA of the information specified in points (a) and (b) of that rule:(1) annually, within 30 business days of 31 October, with information that is accurate as of 31 October of that year;(2) using the form in COLL 6 Annex 2R; and(3) by submitting it:(a) online through the appropriate systems accessible from the FCA’s website; or(b) if the appropriate systems are unavailable, via email to
DISP 1.11.5RRP
(1) A notification claiming exemption under DISP 1.1.12 R from the complaints reporting rules and the rules relating to the funding of the Financial Ombudsman Service must be given to the FCA by the Society on behalf of any member eligible for an exemption. (2) The Society must notify the FCA if the conditions relating to such an exemption no longer apply to a member who is exempt.
SYSC 19A.3.55GRP
(1) Sections 137H and 137I of the Act enables the FCA6 to make rules that render void any provision of an agreement that contravenes specified prohibitions in the Remuneration Code, and that provide for the recovery of any payment made, or other property transferred, in pursuance of such a provision. SYSC 19A.3.53A R and1SYSC 19A.3.54 R (together with SYSC 19A Annex 1) are such rules1 and render1 void provisions of an agreement that contravene the specified prohibitions on guaranteed
SUP 10A.14.21GRP
(1) If, in relation to a firm which has completed the relevant Form A (SUP 10C Annex 3D7), any of the details relating to arrangements and FCA controlled functions are to change, the firm must notify the FCA on Form D (SUP 10C Annex 6R5). (2) The notification under (1) must be made as soon as reasonably practicable after the firm becomes aware of the proposed change.(3) This also applies in relation to an FCA controlled function for which an application was made using Form E.(4)
CASS 11.2.5RRP
For the purpose of the annual notification in CASS 11.2.4 R, a CASS debt management firm must apply the calculation rule in CASS 11.2.2 R.
SUP App 3.6.6GRP
An insurance undertaking that effects contracts of insurance covering risks or commitments situated in another EEA State should comply with the notification procedures for the provision of services within that EEA State. The location of risks and commitments is found by reference to the rules set out in paragraph 6 of schedule 12 to the Act, which derive from article 13(13) and (14) of the Solvency II Directive.4 It may be appropriate for insurers to take legal advice as to how
1Where, in relation to a UK RIE a person has resigned as, or has ceased to be, a member of the management body4, that UK RIE must immediately give notice of that event, and give the information specified for the purposes of this rule in REC 3.4.4AR to the FCA4.[Note: article 45(8)4 ofMiFID]
LR 14.3.17RRP
A company2 must notify a RIS as soon as possible (unless otherwise indicated in this rule) of the following information relating to its capital:2(1) any proposed change in its capital structure including the structure of its listeddebt securities, save that an announcement of a new issue may be delayed while marketing or underwriting is in progress;(2) [deleted]11(3) any redemption of listedshares4 including details of the number of shares4 redeemed and the number of shares4 of
LR 14.3.22GRP
1A company2, whose securities are admitted to trading on a regulated market, should consider its obligations under DTR 4 (Periodic financial reporting), DTR 5 (Vote holder and issuer notification rules) and DTR 6 (Access to information).2