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DTR 5.8.12RRP
(1) An issuer not falling within (2) must, in relation to shares admitted to trading on a regulated market, on receipt of a notification as soon as possible and in any event by not later than the end of the trading day following receipt of the notification make public all of the information contained in the notification.(2) A non-UK issuer and any other issuers whose shares are admitted to trading on a prescribed (but not a regulated) market must, on receipt of a notification,
DTR 5.11.1RRP
An issuer whose registered office is in a non-EEA State will be treated as meeting equivalent requirements to those set out in DTR 5.8.12 R (2) (issuer to make public notifications of major shareholdings by close of third day following receipt) provided that the period of time within which the notification of the major holdings is to be effected to the issuer and is to be made public by the issuer is in total equal to or shorter than seven trading days.[Note: article 19 of the
DTR 5.11.3RRP
An issuer whose registered office is in a non-EEA State will be treated as meeting equivalent requirements to those set out in DTR 5.6.1 R (Disclosure by issuers of total voting rights) provided that the issuer is required under the law of the non-EEA State to disclose to the public the total number of voting rights and capital within 30 calendar days after an increase or decrease of such total number has occurred.[Note: article 21 of the TD implementing Directive]
PR 2.2.11EURP
2The PD Regulation provides for categories of information to be included in the base prospectus and final terms.Categories of information in the base prospectus and the final terms2a1The categories set out in Annex XX shall determine the degree of flexibility by which the information can be given in the base prospectus or the final terms. The categories shall be defined as follows:(a)'Category A' means the relevant information which shall be included in the base prospectus. This
LR 4.1.3RRP
An issuer must ensure that listing particulars for securities referred to in LR 4.1.1 R are approved by the FCA and published in accordance with LR 4.3.5 R.Note: Under LR 2.2.11 R, the securities will only be listed if listing particulars for the securities have been approved by the FCA and published.
1The duty imposed by DTR 1A.3.2 R does not apply to an issuer's obligation under DTR 5.8.12 R to make public the information contained in a vote holder notification made to it under DTR 5.1.2 R.
PR 5.5.5RRP
A person is not responsible for a prospectus under PR 5.5.3R (2)(a) or (b) or PR 5.5.4 R (2)(a) if the issuer has not made or authorised the offer or the request for admission to trading in relation to which the prospectus was published.
(1) 7In addition to instruments admitted to or dealt in on an eligible market, a UCITS scheme may also with the express consent of the FCA (which takes the form of a waiver under sections 138A and 138B of the Act as applied by section 250 of the Act or regulation 7 of the OEIC Regulations) invest in an approved money-market instrument provided:(a) the issue or issuer is itself regulated for the purpose of protecting investors and savings in accordance with COLL 5.2.10AR (2);(b)
LR 6.12.2GRP
1For the purposes of LR 6.12.1R, the property valuation report should be published in the applicant’s prospectus.
LR 9.5.10RRP
(1) If a listed company makes an open offer, placing, vendor consideration placing, offer for subscription of equity shares or an issue out of treasury (other than in respect of an employees’ share scheme)3 of a class already listed, the price must not be at a discount of more than 10% to the middle market price of those shares at the time of announcing the terms of the offer for an open offer or offer for subscription of equity shares8 or at the time of agreeing the placing for
LR 6.2.1RRP
1An applicant must have published or filed historical financial information that:(1) covers at least three years; [Note: article 44 of the CARD] (2) represents at least 75% of the applicant's business for the period in (1);(3) unless LR 5.6.21R applies, has a latest balance sheet date that is not more than: (a) six months before the date of the prospectus or listing particulars for the relevant shares; and(b) nine months before the date the shares are admitted to listing; and(4)
LR 5.4.3GRP
(1) An issuer that has the listing of any of its securities suspended may request the FCA to have them restored.(2) The request should be made sufficiently in advance of the time and date the issuer wishes the securities to be restored.(3) Requests received for when the market opens should allow sufficient time for the FCA to deal with the request.(4) The request may be an oral request. The FCA may require documentary evidence that the events that lead to the suspension are no
LR 5.1.2GRP
Examples of when the FCA may suspend the listing of securities include (but are not limited to) situations where it appears to the FCA that:(1) the issuer has failed to meet its continuing obligations for listing; or(2) the issuer has failed to publish financial information in accordance with the listing rules; or(3) the issuer is unable to assess accurately its financial position and inform the market accordingly; or(4) there is insufficient information in the market about a
LR 6.7.1RRP
1An applicant must satisfy the FCA that it and its subsidiary undertakings (if any) have sufficient working capital available for the group's requirements for at least the next 12 months from the date of publication of the prospectus or listing particulars for the shares that are being admitted.
PR 2.3.1EURP
Articles 3 to 23 of the PD Regulation provide for the minimum information to be included in a prospectus:Note: the Annexes (including schedules and building blocks) referred to in these articles are set out for information in PR App 3.Article 3Minimum information to be included in a prospectusA prospectus shall be drawn up by using one or a combination of the schedules and building blocks set out in this Regulation.22A prospectus shall contain the information items required in
2Articles 26a, 26b and 26c respectively provide for a proportionate disclosure regime for rights issues (as defined by the PD Regulation); for small and medium-sized enterprises and companies with reduced market capitalisation; and for issues by credit institutions referred to in Article 1 (2) (j) of the PD.4Proportionate schedule for rights issues26a1.The proportionate schedules set out in Annexes XXIII and XXIV shall apply to rights issues, provided that the issuer has shares