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DISP App 3.5.1ERP
Where a complaint is about the sale of a policy, the firm should, as part of its investigation of the complaint, determine whether any claim on that policy was rejected, and if so, whether the complainant may have reasonably expected that the claim would have been paid.
The fee disclosure requirement extends to all such fees that may be charged during the life of a policy.
PERG 5.10.1GRP
It must be emphasised that activities which concern invitations to renew policies and the subsequent effecting of renewal of policies are likely to fall within insurance mediation activity. Those considering the need for authorisation or variation of their permissions will wish to consider whether a process of tacit renewal operates: that is, where a policyholder need take no action if he wishes to maintain his insurance cover by having his policy 'renewed'. This process will
GEN 4.4.1RRP
(1) If, in any communication:(a) made to:222(i) 2(in relation to a non-investment insurance contract) aconsumer4;4(ii) 2(in relation to a home finance transaction) a customer; or(iii) 2(in all other cases) a retail client3; and3(b) in connection with a regulated activity carried on from an establishment of the firm (or its appointed representative) that is not in the United Kingdom;the firm indicates that it is an authorised person, it must also, where relevant, and with equal
EG 7.5.3RP
1Chapter 6 of the General Provisions module of the FCA Handbook (GEN) contains rules prohibiting a firm or member from entering into, arranging, claiming on or making a payment under a contract of insurance that is intended to have, or has, the effect of indemnifying any person against a financial penalty.
3To the extent that a firm4 has provided the information required by FEES 4.4.7 D to the FCA as part of its compliance with another provision of the Handbook, it is deemed to have complied with the provisions of that direction.444
CONC 2.5.10RRP
In CONC 2.5.8R (14):(1) payment protection product means a product or feature of a product designed to offer customers short-term protection against potential loss of income, by providing the means for them to meet (or temporarily suspend) their financial obligations including repayments under a credit agreement. Payment protection products include, in particular, short term income protection, debt freeze or debt waiver;(2) short-term income protection means a contract of insurance
CONC 2.5.11GRP
In CONC 2.5.8R (14) and CONC 2.5.10R (1), the protection offered by a payment protection product will typically be triggered by life events such as accident, sickness and/or unemployment, although other events may be covered where they impact on the consumer's ability to meet certain financial commitments. The triggering events will usually be specified in the agreement but may be subject to some discretion (by the provider) at the time of claim.
To be an eligible complainant a person must also have a complaint which arises from matters relevant to one or more of the following relationships with the respondent:121(1) the complainant is (or was) a customer,623payment service user3 or electronic money holder623 of the respondent;(2) the complainant is (or was) a potential customer,623payment service user3 or electronic money holder623 of the respondent;(3) the complainant is the holder, or the beneficial owner, of units
121DISP 2.7.6R (5)and DISP 2.7.6R (6) include, for example, employees covered by a group permanent health policy taken out by an employer, which provides in the insurance contract that the policy was taken out for the benefit of the employee.
PERG 8.36.4GRP
Table Controlled investments1.A deposit.2.Rights under a contract of insurance.3.Shares etc.4Instruments creating or acknowledging indebtedness (referred to in the Glossary as debentures and alternative debentures).95.Government and public securities.6.Instruments giving entitlement to investments (referred to in the Glossary as warrants).7.Certificates representing certain securities.8.Units in a collective investment scheme.9.Rights under a stakeholder pension scheme or a personal
PERG 8.36.6GRP
Table Application of Exemptions to Forms of PromotionsFinancial Promotion OrderApplies toArticle No.Title and PERG 8 reference (where applicable)Unsolicited real timeSolicited real timeNon-real time(solicited or unsolicited)12Communications to overseas recipients (8.12.2G)*1**13Communications from customers and potential customers (8.12.9G)***14Follow up non-real time communications and solicited real time communications (8.12.10G)**15Introductions (8.12.11G)***116Exempt persons
CONC App 1.1.5RRP
Except as provided in CONC App 1.1.6 R, the amounts of the following charges are included in the total charge for credit in relation to a credit agreement:(a) the total of the interest on the credit which may be provided under the credit agreement;(b) other charges at any time payable under the transaction by or on behalf of the borrower or a relative of his whether to the lender or any other person; and (c) a premium under a contract of insurance, payable under the transaction
CONC App 1.1.6RRP
(1) The amounts of the following items are not included in the total charge for credit in relation to a credit agreement:(a) any charge payable under the transaction to the lender upon failure by the borrower or a relative of his to do or to refrain from doing anything which he is required to do or to refrain from doing, as the case may be;(b) any charge(i) which is payable by the lender to any person upon failure by the borrower or a relative of his to do or to refrain from doing
PERG 5.12.8GRP
Otherwise, where the cases in PERG 5.12.7G (1) do not apply, it is necessary to consider further the nature of the activity in order to determine where insurance mediation is carried on. Persons that arrange contracts of insurance will usually be considered as carrying on the activity of arranging in the location where these activities take place. As for dealing activities, the location of the activities will depend on factors such as where the acceptance takes place, which in
PERG 5.12.16GRP
The E-Commerce Directive does not remove the IMD requirement for persons taking up or pursuing insurance mediation for remuneration to be registered in their Home State. Nor does it remove the requirement for EEA-based intermediaries to acquire passporting rights in order to establish branches in the United Kingdom (see PERG 5.12.7 G (Where is insurance mediation carried on?) in relation to electronic commerce activity carried on from an establishment in the United Kingdom) or
PERG 8.12.15GRP
The exemption can also be used in certain circumstances where an intermediary is advertising its services as an intermediary. This is because advising on and arranging deposits and contracts of insurance other than life policies are not controlled activities. This means that an unauthorised intermediary offering to find the best rates on deposits may identify himself in the financial promotion as he will not be carrying on a controlled activity. This is provided that the financial
PERG 8.12.38GRP
Article 20B gives effect to the provisions of the E- Commerce Directive by exemptingelectronic commerce communications made from an establishment in an EEA State other than the United Kingdom to an ECA recipient in the United Kingdom2. However, article 20B does not apply to the following communications:2(1) an advertisement by the operator of a UCITS of units in that scheme; or(2) an invitation or inducement to enter into a contract of insurance where:(a) it is made by an undertaking
SUP 18.2.37GRP
The independent expert is not expected to comment on the likely effects on new policyholders, that is, those whose contracts are entered into after the effective date of the transfer.
SUP 18.2.61GRP
7Under section 114 of the Act the court must direct that notice of the transfer be published by the transferee in any EEA State other than the United Kingdom which is the state of the commitment or the state of the risk as regards any policy included in the transfer which evidences a contract of insurance (other than a contract of reinsurance). The regulators would expect the transferee to publish notice in at least one national newspaper in each relevant EEA State. Such publication
The definition of insurance mediation activity refers to several activities 'in relation to a contract of insurance' which includes a contract of reinsurance. This chapter, therefore, applies to a reinsurance intermediary in the same way as it applies to any other insurance intermediary.
SUP App 2.15.7GRP
A firm's run-off plan should include:(1) details of any changes that will be made to the firm's corporate governance arrangements as a consequence of closure;(2) an explanation of how costs charged to the with-profits fund may change in the light of closure;(3) an explanation of any changes it will make, as a consequence of closure, to any charges for guarantees, including:(a) the circumstances in which those charges may be varied in the future; or (b) the manner by which the
SUP 16.4.2GRP
This section may be of relevance to a directive friendly society:(1) if it has 10 members or less; (2) if it has a delegate voting system and has 10 delegates or less; or (3) if it has 20 members or less and effects or carries out group insurance contracts where one person may exercise one vote on behalf of the members of a group and one vote in their private capacity; orwhere a member or delegate, whether alone or acting in concert8, is entitled to exercise, or control the exercise
(1) CREDS covers only the requirements associated with a Part 4A permission to accept deposits. The Conduct of Business sourcebook (COBS) sets out additional requirements for credit unions that are CTF providers in relation to cash deposit CTFs.(2) Other permissions are covered elsewhere in the Handbook. So, for example, a credit union seeking a permission to undertake a regulated mortgage activity would need to comply with the requirements in the Mortgages and Home Finance: Conduct
DISP App 3.1.5GRP
In this appendix:(1) (a) at step 1,3 “historic interest” means the interest the complainant paid to the firm because a payment protection contract was added to a loan or credit product;3(b) at step 2, “historic interest” means in relation to any sum, the interest the complainant paid as a result of that sum being included in the loan or credit product;32(2) "simple interest" means a non-compound rate of 8% per annum;3(3) "claim" means a claim by a complainant seeking to rely upon
PERG 8.32.12GRP
Where persons are making arrangements concerning contracts of insurance or are carrying on insurance mediation or reinsurance mediation, certain exclusions to article 25 are not available. This results from the requirements of the Insurance Mediation Directive and is explained in more detail in PERG 5.6 (Insurance mediation activities The regulated activities: arranging deals in, and making arrangements with a view to transactions in, contracts of insurance).
The requirements relating to the placing and receipt of orders do not apply to contracts concluded exclusively by exchange of e-mail or by equivalent individual communications.[Note: article 10(4) and 11(3) of the E-Commerce Directive]