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DTR 2.2.9GRP
(1) [deleted]1(2) If an issuer is faced with an unexpected and significant event, a short delay may be acceptable if it is necessary to clarify the situation. In such situations a holding announcement should be used where an issuer believes that there is a danger of inside information leaking before the facts and their impact can be confirmed. The holding announcement should:(a) detail as much of the subject matter as possible;(b) set out the reasons why a fuller announcement
DTR 2.2.10GRP
The FCA is aware that many issuers provide unpublished information to third parties such as analysts, employees, credit rating agencies, finance providers and major shareholders, often in response to queries from such parties. The fact that information is unpublished does not in itself make it inside information. However, unpublished information which amounts to inside information is only permitted to be disclosed in accordance with the requirements of the Market Abuse Regula
LR 1.2.1RRP
(1) The FCA may dispense with or modify the listing rules in such cases and by reference to such circumstances as it considers appropriate (subject to the terms of EU directives and the Act).(2) A dispensation or modification may be either unconditional or subject to specified conditions.(3) If an issuer or sponsor has applied for, or been granted, a dispensation or modification, it must notify the FCA immediately it becomes aware of any matter which is material to the relevance
LR 1.2.4GRP
If an issuer applies to the FCA to dispense with or modify a listing rule on the basis that it is in severe financial difficulty, the FCA would ordinarily expect the issuer to comply with the conditions in LR 10.8 (to the extent relevant to the particular rule for which the dispensation or modification is sought). In particular, the FCA would expect the issuer to comply with those conditions that are directed at demonstrating that it is in severe financial difficulty.
LR 1.2.5GRP

An issuer or sponsor should consult with the FCA at the earliest possible stage if it:

  1. (1)

    is in doubt about how the listing rules apply in a particular situation; or

  2. (2)

    considers that it may be necessary for the FCA to dispense with or modify a listing rule.

LR 5.1.1RRP
(1) 1The FCA may suspend, with effect from such time as it may determine, the listing of any securities if the smooth operation of the market is, or may be, temporarily jeopardised or it is necessary to protect investors. [Note: article 18(1) CARD](2) An issuer that has the listing of any of its securities suspended must continue to comply with all listing rules applicable to it.(3) If the FCA suspends the listing of any securities, it may impose such conditions on the procedure
LR 5.1.2GRP
Examples of when the FCA may suspend the listing of securities include (but are not limited to) situations where it appears to the FCA that:(1) the issuer has failed to meet its continuing obligations for listing; or(2) the issuer has failed to publish financial information in accordance with the listing rules; or(3) the issuer is unable to assess accurately its financial position and inform the market accordingly; or(4) there is insufficient information in the market about a
LR 5.1.4GRP
An issuer that intends to request the FCA to suspend the listing of its securities will need to comply with LR 5.3. The FCA will not suspend the listing if it is not satisfied that the circumstances justify the suspension.
LR 19.5.1RRP
An issuer must submit to the FCA two copies of any document required by LR 19.5.2 R to LR 19.5.10 R at the same time as the document is issued.
LR 19.5.10RRP
An issuer must inform the FCA immediately if it becomes aware that an underlying instrument that is listed or traded outside the United Kingdom has been suspended.Note:LR 5.1.2G (7) and (8) and LR 5.4.6 G are of relevance to an issuer of securitised derivatives.
LR 16.3.2GRP
The FCA will admit to listing such number of securities as the applicant may request for the purpose of future issues. At the time of issue the securities will be designated to the relevant class.
LR 16.3.6RRP
An applicant which is a multi-class or umbrella fund which seeks to create a new class of security without increasing its share capital for which listing has previously been granted, must provide the FCA with the details of the new class and no further application for listing is required.
LR 20.4.3RRP
(1) An issuer's listed miscellaneous securities must be admitted to trading on a RIE's market for listed securities at all times.(2) An issuer must inform the FCA in writing as soon as possible if it has:(a) requested a RIE to admit or re-admit any of its listed miscellaneous securities to trading; or(b) requested a RIE to cancel or suspend trading of any of its listed miscellaneous securities; or(c) been informed by a RIE that the trading of any of its listed miscellaneous securities
LR 1.4.1RRP
(1) If it appears to the FCA that there is, or there may be, a breach of the listing rules or the disclosure requirements6 and transparency rules4 by an issuer with a premium listing4, the FCA may in writing require the issuer to appoint a sponsor to advise the issuer on the application of the listing rules, the disclosure requirements6 and the transparency rules4.4(2) If required to do so under (1), an issuer must, as soon as practicable, appoint a sponsor to advise it on the
LR 18.2.7GRP
The FCA may, in exceptional circumstances, modify or dispense with LR 18.2.5 R where the issuer has the power to disapprove the transfer of securities if the FCA is satisfied that this power would not disturb the market in those securities.
In relation to the obligation in DTR 5.6.1A R, it is for an issuer to assess whether the effect on the total number of voting rights is immaterial. In the FCA's view an increase or decrease of 1% or more is likely to be material, both to the issuer and to the public.
LR 5.5.1GRP
The decision-making procedures that the FCA will follow when it cancels, suspends or refuses a request by an issuer2 to suspend, cancel or 2restore listing are set out in DEPP (Decision Procedure and Penalties)1.11
LR 5.5.2RRP
An issuer must inform the FCA if its listing has been suspended, cancelled or restored by an overseas exchange or overseas authority.
LR 5.5.3GRP
(1) The FCA will not automatically suspend, cancel or restore the listing of securities at the request of an overseas exchange or overseas authority (for example, if listing of a listed3issuer'ssecurities are suspended, cancelled or restored on its home exchange).(2) The FCA will not normally suspend the listing of securities where there is a trading halt for the security on its home exchange.(3) If a listedissuer3 requests a suspension, cancellation or restoration of the listing
LR 8.5.1RRP
A listed company or applicant must ensure that1 the FCA is informed 1promptly of the name and contact details of any 2sponsor appointed in accordance with the listing rules (either by the listed company or applicant or by the sponsor itself)1.12
LR 8.5.2RRP
(1) A listed company or applicant must notify the FCA in writing immediately of the resignation or dismissal of any sponsor that it had appointed.(2) In the case of a dismissal, the reasons for the dismissal must be included in the notification.(3) The notification must be copied to the sponsor.
LR 8.5.3RRP
Where a listed company or applicant appoints more than one sponsor to provide a sponsor service4, the company must:(1) ensure that one sponsor4 takes responsibility for contact with the FCA in respect of administrative arrangements for the sponsor service4; and244(2) inform the FCA promptly4, in writing, of the name and contact details of the sponsor taking responsibility under (1).44
(1) 7A UCITS scheme may invest in an approved money-market instrument if it is:(a) issued or guaranteed by any one of the following:(i) a central authority of an EEA State or, if the EEA State is a federal state, one of the members making up the federation;(ii) a regional or local authority of an EEA State;(iii) the Bank of England, the European Central Bank or a central bank of an EEA State;(iv) the European Union or the European Investment Bank;(v) a non-EEA State or, in the
(1) 7In addition to instruments admitted to or dealt in on an eligible market, a UCITS scheme may also with the express consent of the FCA (which takes the form of a waiver under sections 138A and 138B of the Act as applied by section 250 of the Act or regulation 7 of the OEIC Regulations) invest in an approved money-market instrument provided:(a) the issue or issuer is itself regulated for the purpose of protecting investors and savings in accordance with COLL 5.2.10AR (2);(b)
PR 4.1.3RRP
(1) If an offer is made, or admission to trading is sought, in one or more EEA States excluding the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom is the Home State, the prospectus must be drawn up in a language accepted by the competent authorities of those EEA States or in a language customary in the sphere of international finance, at the choice of the issuer, offeror or person requesting admission (as the case may be). [ Note: article 19.2 PD ](2) For the purpose of the scrutiny by
LR 6.2.2GRP
(1) 1In determining what amounts to 75% of the applicant's business for the purpose of LR 6.2.1R(2), the FCA will consider the size, in aggregate, of all of the acquisitions that the applicant has entered into during the period required by LR 6.2.1R(1) and up to the date of the prospectus or listing particulars, relative to the size of the applicant as enlarged by the acquisitions.(2) In ascertaining the size of the acquisitions relative to the applicant for the purposes of LR
DTR 5.11.4RRP
An issuer whose registered office is in a non-EEA State2 is exempted from DTR 5.5.1R, DTR 5.6.1R and DTR 5.8.12R(2) if:2(1) the law of the non-EEA State in question lays down equivalent requirements; or2(2) the issuer complies with requirements of the law of a non-EEA State that the FCA considers as equivalent.2[Note: article 23(1) of the TD]2
DTR 5.11.5GRP
The FCA maintains a published list of non-EEA States2, for the purpose of article 23.1 of the TD, whose laws2 lay down requirements equivalent to those imposed upon issuers by this chapter, or where the requirements of the law of that non-EEA State are considered to be equivalent by the FCA2. Such issuers remain subject to the following requirements of DTR 6:(1) the filing of information with the FCA;(2) the language provisions; and(3) the dissemination of information provisi
LR 17.4.7RRP
In the case of debtsecurities guaranteed by another company, an issuer must submit to the FCA the annual report and accounts of the company that is providing the guarantee unless that company is listed or adequate information is otherwise available.
LR 17.4.8RRP
In the case of convertible securities which are exchangeable for securities of another company, an issuer must submit to the FCA the annual report and accounts of that other company unless that company is listed or adequate information is otherwise available.
DTR 1.4.4GRP
Examples of when the FCA may require the suspension of trading of a financial instrument include:(1) if an issuer fails to make an2 announcement as required by the Market Abuse Regulation2 within the applicable time-limits which the FCA considers could affect the interests of investors or affect the smooth operation of the market; or(2) if there is or there may be a leak of inside information and the issuer is unwilling or unable to issue an appropriate2 announcement required
DTR 1.4.5GRP
The decision-making procedures to be followed by the FCA when it:(1) requires the suspension of trading of a financial instrument; or(2) refuses an application by an issuer to lift a suspension of trading of a financial instrument2;are set out in DEPP1.1
DTR 2.5.4GRP
(1) In the FCA’s opinion, paragraph 5(1)(8)(a) of the ESMA MAR delayed disclosure guidelines does3 not envisage that an issuer will: 2(a) delay public disclosure of the fact that it is in financial difficulty or of its worsening financial condition and is limited to the fact or substance of the negotiations to deal with such a situation; or2(b) delay disclosure of inside information on the basis that its position in subsequent negotiations to deal with the situation will be jeopardised
PR 5.5.3BGRP
1In considering whether the functions the person performs would ordinarily be performed by officers of the issuer, the FCA will consider, among other things:(1) the nature of the board of the issuer to which the person provides services, and whether the board has the capability to act itself on strategic matters in the absence of that person's services; (2) whether the appointment relates to a one-off transaction or is a longer term relationship; and(3) the proportion of the functions