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2GENPRU 3 (Cross sector groups) applies to:(1) an IFPRU investment firm;(2) an insurer that is a “UK Solvency II firm” as defined in the PRA Rulebook: Glossary5; and(3) a group containing both the firms in (1) and (2).
(1) 1The Remuneration Code applies to:33(a) [deleted]63(b) [deleted]63(c) an IFPRU investment firm;6 and73(d) 3an overseas firm that:(i) 3is not an EEA firm;(ii) 3has its head office outside the EEA; and(iii) 3would be an IFPRU investment firm7 if it had been a UK domestic firm, had carried on all its business in the UK and had obtained whatever authorisations for doing so as are required under the Act. (2) In relation to a 3firm that falls under (1)(d), the Remuneration Code
This section applies to an IFPRU investment firm, unless it is an exempt IFPRU commodities firm to which article 493 of the EU CRR applies.
SYSC 18.6.4GRP
In addition to obligations under MiFID, similar whistleblowing obligations apply to miscellaneous persons subject to regulation by the FCA under the following non-exhaustive list of EU legislation(1) article 32(3) of the Market Abuse Regulation, as implemented in section 131AA of the Act;(2) article 71(3) of the CRD (see IFPRU 2.4.1R in respect of IFPRU investment firms);(3) article 99d(5) of the UCITS Directive (see SYSC 4.1.1ER in respect of UKUCITS management companies, and
1This sourcebook does not apply to IFPRU investment firms except it does apply to exempt IFPRU commodities firms.
SYSC 12.1.1RRP
1Subject to SYSC 12.1.2 R to SYSC 12.1.4 R, this section applies to each of the following which is a member of a group:(1) a firm that falls into any one or more of the following categories:(a) a regulated entity that is:15(i) an investment firm, except a designated investment firm unless (ii) applies; or 15(ii) a credit institution or designated investment firm that is a subsidiary undertaking of a parent institution in a Member State that is an IFPRU investment firm;15(b)

6The application of this sourcebook to firms that are not PRA-authorised persons is summarised at a high level in the following table. The detailed application is cut back in SYSC 1 Annex 1 and in the text of each chapter.

Type of firm

Applicable chapters

Full-scope UK AIFM

Chapters11 4 to 10, 12, 18, 1219B, 21, 2211

BIPRU firm (including a third-country BIPRU firm)

Chapters 4 to 10, 12, 18, 19C, 20,10 21, 2211

IFPRU investment firm (including an overseas firm that would have been an IFPRU investment firm if it had been a UK domestic firm)

Chapters 4 to 10, 12, 18, 19A, 20,10 21, 2211

SUP 3.10.5RRP

Client assets report


Whether in the auditor's opinion


the firm has maintained systems adequate to enable it to comply with the custody rules (except CASS 6.7)13, the collateral rules,5 the client money rules3 (except CASS 5.2)13, the debt management client money rules9 and the mandate rules5 throughout the period ;5



the firm was in compliance with the custody rules (except CASS 6.7)13, the collateral rules,5 the client money rules3 (except CASS 5.2), the debt management client money rules9 and the mandate rules5,13 at the date as at which the report has been made;



in the case of an investment management firm, personal investment firm, a UCITS firm,2securities and futures firm, firm acting as trustee or depositary of an AIF, firm acting as trustee or depositary of a UCITS7 orIFPRU investment firm8or BIPRU firm8,2 when a subsidiary of the firm is during the period 5a nominee company in whose name custody assets of the firm are registered during the period, 5 that nominee company has maintained throughout the period5 systems for the custody, identification and control of custody assets which:



were5 adequate; and



included5 reconciliations at appropriate intervals between the records maintained (whether by the firm or the nominee company) and statements or confirmations from custodians or from the person who maintained5 the record of legal entitlement; and



if there has been a secondary pooling event during the period, the firm has 1complied with the rules in943CASS 5.6 and CASS 7A43 (Client money distribution)1and CASS 11.13 (debt management client money distribution rules)9 in relation to that pooling event.

2Subject to BIPRU 12.1.2 R, BIPRU 12 applies to:(1) an IFPRU investment firm; and(2) a BIPRU firm.
Subject to rule 14.1.2, consolidated supervision and this chapter apply to a firm which is a member of a group if: (1) It is: (a) a securities and futures firm, subject to the financial rules in Chapter 3, which is a broad scope firm but not a venture capital firm; and (b) [deleted](c) [deleted](2) It is neither a BIPRUfirm nor an IFPRUinvestment firm. (3) [Deleted](4) [Deleted](5) [Deleted]
(1) IPRU-INV applies to: (a) a members' adviser; (b) an investment management firm; (c) a personal investment firm; (d) an authorised professional firm; (e) a securities and futures firm; (f) a service company; (g) the Society of Lloyd's (in relation to underwriting agents); (h) [deleted] (i) a credit union which is a CTF provider; and (j) an exempt
A firm which is the depositary of a UCITS scheme must comply with the rules in IFPRU 2 as if it were an IFPRU investment firm that is not a significant IFPRU investment firm.
3Where a group includes one or more BIPRU firms and one or more IFPRU investment firms which has permission under article 19 of the EUCRR (Exclusion from the scope of prudential consolidation) from the FCA not to be included in the supervision on a consolidated basis of the group of which it is a member, consolidated supervision under BIPRU 8 applies to those IFPRU investment firms and the BIPRU firms.
IFPRU 6 applies to an IFPRU investment firm, unless it is an exempt IFPRU commodities firm.
(1) In accordance with Articles5 30 and 30a5 of the Financial Groups Directive (Asset management companies and Alternative investment fund managers5), this rule deals with the inclusion of an asset management company or an alternative investment fund manager5 that is a member of a financial conglomerate in the scope of regulation of financial conglomerates.55(2) An asset management company or an alternative investment fund manager5 is in the overall financial sector and is
1There is no overall application statement for BIPRU. Each chapter or section has its own application statement. Broadly speaking however, BIPRU applies in the following manner8:8(1) [deleted]88(2) [deleted]8(3) to a BIPRU firm;88(3A) to an IFPRU investment firm, only BIPRU 12 (Liquidity standards); and8(4) in relation to8groups containing such firms:8(a) only BIPRU 12 (Liquidity standards) applies to the group containing any of the firms in (3) and (3A); and8(b) BIPRU as a whole
(1) This rule defines some of the terms used in the overall Pillar 2 rule. (2) Residual risk means the risk that credit risk mitigation techniques used by the firm prove less effective than expected.(3) Securitisation risk includes the risk that the own funds held by a firm for assets which it has securitised are inadequate having regard to the economic substance of the transaction, including the degree of risk transfer achieved.(4) Business risk means any risk to a firm arising
(1) IFPRU 2.3 sets out guidance on IFPRU 2.2 (Adequacy of financial resources) so far as it applies to an IFPRU investment firm. In particular, guidance on how a firm should carry out its ICAAP, as well as some factors the FCA will take into consideration when undertaking a SREP. The terms ICAAP and SREP are explained in IFPRU 2.3.3 G. IFPRU 2.3.48 G to IFPRU 2.3.52 R are rules that apply to a firm with an IRB permission.(2) IFPRU 2.3 is mainly written on the basis that IFPRU