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COBS 19.1.6GRP
When advising a retail client who is, or is eligible to be, a member of a defined benefits occupational pension scheme whether to transfer or opt-out, a firm should start by assuming that a transfer or opt-out will not be suitable. A firm should only then consider a transfer or opt-out to be suitable if it can clearly demonstrate, on contemporary evidence, that the transfer or opt-out is in the client's best interests.
When deciding whether to take action for market abuse or requiring or encouraging, the FSA may consider the following additional factors:(1) The degree of sophistication of the users of the market in question, the size and liquidity of the market, and the susceptibility of the market to market abuse.(2) The impact, having regard to the nature of the behaviour, that any financial penalty or public censure may have on the financial markets or on the interests of consumers:(a) a
COBS 16.2.4GRP
Where a firm executes an order in tranches, the firm may, where appropriate, indicate the trading time and the execution venue in a way that is consistent with this, such as, "multiple". In accordance with the client's best interests rule, a firm should provide additional information at the client's request.
(1) In accordance with Principle 6, this section is intended to ensure that the authorised fund manager pays due regard to its clients' interests and treats them fairly.(2) An authorised fund manager is responsible for valuing the scheme property of the authorised fund it manages and for calculating the price of units in the authorised fund. This section protects clients by:(a) setting out rules and guidance1 to ensure the prices1 of units in both a single-priced authorised fund
SUP 15.3.12GRP
In SUP 15.3.11 R(1)(a), significance should be determined having regard to potential financial losses to customers or to the firm, frequency of the breach, implications for the firm's systems and controls and if there were delays in identifying or rectifying the breach.
(1) The capital resources requirement for a firm carrying on home financing, 1or home financing1and home finance administration1 (and no other regulated activity) is the higher of:111111(a) £100,000; and(b) 1% of:(i) its total assets plus total undrawn commitments and unreleased amounts under the home reversion plan1; less:(ii) excluded loans or amounts 1plus intangible assets (see Note 1 in the table in MIPRU 4.4.4 R).(2) Undrawn commitments and unreleased amounts 1means the
If a common platform firm, other than a credit institution, is:(1) a natural person; or(2) a legal person managed by a single natural person; it must have alternative arrangements in place which ensure sound and prudent management of the firm.[Note: article 9(4) second paragraph of MiFID]
LR 13.3.1RRP
Every circular sent by a listed company to holders of its listed securities must:(1) provide a clear and adequate explanation of its subject matter giving due prominence to its essential characteristics, benefits and risks;(2) state why the security holder is being asked to vote or, if no vote is required, why the circular is being sent;(3) if voting or other action is required, contain all information necessary to allow the security holders to make a properly informed decision;(4)
Although a firm may not be permitted to make a personal recommendation or take a decision to trade because it does not have the necessary information, its client may still ask the firm to provide another service such as, for example, to arrange a deal or to deal as agent for the client. If this happens, the firm should ensure that it receives written confirmation of the instructions. The firm should also bear in mind the client's best interests rule and any obligation it may have
(1) This chapter assists in achieving the regulatory objective of protecting consumers by providing an appropriate degree of protection in respect of authorised funds that are only intended for investors that are, in general, prepared to accept a higher degree of risk in their investments or have a higher degree of experience and expertise than investors in retail schemes.(2) This section ceases to apply where a qualified investor scheme has converted to be authorised as a UCITS
The ICA should assume that a firm will continue to manage its business having regard to the FSA's Principles for Businesses. In particular, a firm should take into account how the FSA's Principles for Businesses may constrain its prospective management actions, for example, Principle 6 (Treating Customers Fairly).
MCOB 9.4.77GRP
Under the sub-heading "Insurance you must take out as a condition of this mortgage but that you do not have to take out through [insert name of mortgage lender or where relevant the name of the mortgage intermediary, or both]", the illustration should not include any insurance policy that may be taken out by a mortgage lender itself to protect its own interests rather than the customer's interests, for example, because of the ratio of the loan amount to the property value.1