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PR 3.1.14RRP
A person who wishes the FSA to vet an equivalent document referred to in PR 1.2.2 R (2) or (3) or PR 1.2.3R (3) or (4) must submit to the FSA:(1) a copy of the document;(2) a cross reference list identifying the pages in the document where each item that is equivalent to the disclosure requirements for a prospectus may be found;(3) contact details of individuals who are:(a) sufficiently knowledgeable about the documentation to be able to answer queries from the FSA; and(b) available
A firm (other than the Society) must send to the FSA in writing the information required under FEES 4.4.1 R as soon as reasonably practicable, and in any event within two months, after the date specified as the valuation date in Part 3 of FEES 4 Annex 1.
In most cases a firm will provide the information required by this section as part of its compliance with the provisions of SUP. To the extent that the FSA does not obtain sufficient, or sufficiently detailed, information it may seek this by using its general information gathering powers (see SUP 2 (Information gathering by the FSA on its own initiative)).
SUP 16.3.24GRP
SUP 2.3.12 G states that the FSA may pass to other regulators information which it has in its possession. Such information includes information contained in reports submitted under this chapter. The FSA's disclosure of information to other regulators is subject to SUP 2.2.4 G (Confidentiality of information).
LR 4.4.1GRP
Section 81 of the Act (supplementary listing particulars) requires an issuer to submit supplementary listing particulars to the FSA for approval if at any time after listing particulars have been submitted to the FSA and before the commencement of dealings in the securities following their admission to the official list:(1) there is a significant change affecting any matter contained in those particulars the inclusion of which was required by:(a) section 80 of the Act (general
LR 4.4.3RRP
1If final terms of the offer are not included in the listing particulars:(1) the final terms must be provided to investors and filed with the FSA, and made available to the public, as if the relevant requirements in PR 3.2 and the PD Regulation applied to them; and(2) the listing particulars must disclose the criteria and/or the conditions in accordance with which the above elements will be determined or, in the case of price, the maximum price.
LR 17.3.2RRP
(1) An issuer'ssecurities must be admitted to trading on a RIE's market for listed securities at all times.(2) An issuer must inform the FSA in writing without delay if it has:(a) requested a RIE to admit or re-admit any of its listed securities to trading; or(b) requested a RIE to cancel or suspend trading of any of its listed securities; or(c) been informed by a RIE that the trading of any of its listed securities will be cancelled or suspended.
LR 10.8.4GRP
An announcement should be notified to a RIS no later than the date the terms of the disposal are agreed and should contain:(1) all relevant information required to be notified under LR 10.4.1 R;(2) the name of the acquirer and the expected date of completion of the disposal;(3) full disclosure about the continuing groups prospects for at least the current financial year;(4) a statement that the directors believe that the disposal is in the best interests of the company and shareholders
SUP 15.2.1GRP
A firm is required to provide the FSA with a wide range of information to enable the FSA to meet its responsibilities for monitoring the firm's compliance with requirements imposed by or under the Act. Some of this information is provided through regular reports, including those set out in SUP 16 (Reporting requirements) and SUP 17 (Transaction reporting). In addition, other chapters in the Handbook set out specific notification and reporting requirements. Principle 11 includes
REC 3.14.2RRP
Where a UK RIE proposes to admit to trading (or to cease to admit to trading) by means of its facilities:(1) a specified investment (other than a security or an option in relation to a security); or(2) a type of security or a type of option in relation to a security; it must give the FSA notice of that event, and the information specified for the purposes of this rule in REC 3.14.6 R to the FSA, at the same time as that proposal is first formally communicated to its members or
SUP 8.6.5GRP
In considering whether commercial interests would be prejudiced to an unreasonable degree (see SUP 8.6.2 G (2)), the FSA will weigh the prejudice to firms' commercial interests against the interests of consumers, markets and other third parties in disclosure. In doing so the FSA will consider factors such as the extent to which publication of the waiver would involve the premature release of proprietary information to commercial rivals, for example relating to a product innovation,
Although the FSA may consider that a matter is relevant to its assessment of a firm, the fact that a matter is disclosed to the FSA, for example in an application, does not necessarily mean that the firm will fail to satisfy the threshold conditions. The FSA will consider each matter in relation to the regulated activities for which the firm has, or will have, permission, having regard to the regulatory objectives set out in section 2 of the Act (The FSA's general duties). A firm
DTR 1.2.4GRP

An issuer, person discharging managerial responsibilities or connected person should consult with the FSA at the earliest possible stage if they:

  1. (1)

    are in doubt about how the disclosure rules apply in a particular situation; or

  2. (2)

    consider that it may be necessary for the FSA to dispense with or modify a disclosure rule.

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