Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-02-03.

recognised third country investment firm

      1. 130
        1. a CAD investment firm that satisfies the following conditions:
          1. (a) its head office is outside the EEA;
          1. (b) it is authorised by a third country competent authority in the state or territory in which the CAD investment firm's head office is located;
          1. (c) that third country competent authority is named in Part 2 of BIPRU 8 Annex 6 (Non-EEA investment firm regulators' requirements deemed CRD-equivalent for individual risks); and
          1. (d) that investment firm is subject to and complies with prudential rules of or administered by that third country competent authority that are at least as stringent as those laid down in the Banking Consolidation Directive and the Capital Adequacy Directive as applied under the third paragraph of article 95(2) of the EU CRR.