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multilateral development bank

    (a)48 40 any of the following:21

      1. (i) 40African Development Bank40;40
      1. (ii) 40Asian Development Bank40;40
      1. (iii) 40Caribbean Development Bank40;40
      1. (iv) 40Council of Europe Development Bank;40
      1. (v) 40European Bank for Reconstruction & Development40;40
      1. (vi) 40European Investment Bank40;40
      1. (vii) 40European Investment Fund40;40
      1. (viii) 40Inter-American Development Bank40;40
      1. (ix) 40International Bank for Reconstruction 48and 48Development40;40
      1. (x) International 48Finance48 Corporation;40
      1. (xa) International Finance Facility for Immunisation;48
      1. (xb) Islamic Development Bank;48
      1. (xi) 40Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency40 4 21 ; and40
      1. (xii) 40Nordic Investment Bank40;40

    (b)48 for the purposes of the standardised approach to credit risk the following are considered to be a multilateral development bank:40

      1. (i) the Inter-American Investment Corporation;40
      1. (ii) the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank; and40
      1. (iii) the Central American Bank for Economic Integration40