Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2012-12-13.

article 9 default

    3(as defined in article 2(2) of the compensation transitionals order) any of the following:

      1. (a) the passing of a resolution for the voluntary winding up of an authorised insurance company within the meaning of section 3 of the Policyholders Protection Act 1975 in circumstances falling within section 5(1)(a) of that Act;
      1. (b) the making by the court of an order for the winding up of such a company in accordance with section 5(1)(b) of that Act;
      1. (c) the appointment of a provisional liquidator in the circumstances falling within section 15 of that Act in respect of such a company;
      1. (d) such a company becoming a company in financial difficulties within the meaning of section 16 of that Act;
      1. (e) a participating deposit-taker becoming insolvent for the purposes of Part II of the Banking Act 1987;
      1. (f) a participating institution becoming insolvent within the meaning of section 25A of the Building Societies Act 1986;
      1. (g) the beginning of a dissolution or transfer of engagements of a member society in accordance with rule 9(2) of the Rules of the Friendly Societies Protection Scheme.