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    (1) (in relation to PROD 1.1.3R, PROD 1.3 and PROD 3) offering, recommending or selling an investment or providing an investment service to a client.121

    [Note: recital 15 to the MiFID Delegated Directive]

    (2) (in relation to ICOBS 1, ICOBS 6B,140 PROD 1.4 and PROD 4) advising on or proposing a contract of insurance to a customer.121

    130132 (3) (in relation to PROD 1.4.3AG, 1.4.3BR and 1.4.3CG, PROD 1.6.1R and PROD 6) arranging a pathway investment.

    (4) (in relation to PROD 1.7 and PROD 7) advising on or proposing a funeral plan contract.141