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    81means (in accordance with sections 236A and 237 of the Act) subject to (4) below, an undertaking which may consist of several sub-funds and:

      1. (1) is an AUT, an ACS or an ICVC:
        1. (a) with the sole object of collective investment of capital raised from the public in transferable securities or other liquid financial assets specified in paragraph (2), and operating on the principle of risk-spreading;
        1. (b) with units which are, at the request of holders, repurchased or redeemed, directly or indirectly, out of those undertakings’ assets (see also paragraph (3)); and
        1. (c) which (in accordance with the rules in COLL 4.2) has identified itself as a UCITS in its prospectus and has been authorised accordingly by the FCA.
      1. (2) The transferable securities or other liquid financial assets specified for the purposes of paragraph (1)(a) are those which are permitted by COLL 5.2.
      1. (3) For the purposes of paragraph (1)(b), action taken by the undertaking to ensure that the price of its units on an investment exchange do not significantly vary from their net asset value is to be regarded as equivalent to such repurchase or redemption.
      1. (4) The following undertakings are not a UK UCITS:
        1. (a) a collective investment undertaking of the closed-ended type;
        1. (b) a collective investment undertaking which raises capital without promoting the sale of its units to the public in the UK;
        1. (c) an open-ended investment company, or other collective investment undertaking, the units of which, under the fund rules or the instruments of incorporation of the investment company, may be sold only to the public in countries or territories outside the UK.