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EEA firm

    (in accordance with paragraph 5 of Schedule 3 to the Act (EEA Passport Rights)) any of the following, if it does not have its relevant office16 in the United Kingdom:

      1. (a) an investment firm (as defined in article70 4(1)70 of70MiFID)70 which is authorised (within the meaning of article70 5)70 by its Home State regulator;70
      1. (b) a credit institution (as defined in article34 4(1)34 of the Banking Consolidation Directive)1637
      1. (c) a financial institution (as defined in article 344(5)34 of the Banking Consolidation Directive) which is a subsidiary of the kind mentioned in article 342434 and which fulfils the conditions in articles 342334 and 342434;
      1. (d) an undertaking pursuing the activity of direct insurance (within the meaning of article 28228of the28 Consolidated Life Directive (No. 2002/83/EC)28 or of Article 1 of 28the First Non-Life Directive (No. 73/239/EEC)) which has received authorisation under 28Article 4 of the Consolidated Life Directive or Article28 6 of the First Non-Life Directive 28from its Home State regulator;
      1. (e) an IMD insurance intermediary or an IMD reinsurance intermediary (as defined in article 2 of the IMD) which has registered under article 3 of that directive with its Home State regulator;16
      1. (f) (from431369 1 July 2011) a management company;3269
      1. (g) an undertaking pursuing the activity of reinsurance (within the meaning of article 1 of the Reinsurance Directive) which has received authorisation under article 3 of the Reinsurance Directive from its Home State Regulator73;733234
      1. (h) a person who has received authorisation under article 18 of the auction regulation;73
      1. 82(hh) an AIFM which is authorised (under article 6 of AIFMD) by its Home State regulator;

    in this definition, relevant office means:16

      1. (i) in relation to a firm falling within sub-paragraph (e), which has a registered office, its registered office; 16
      1. (ii) in relation to any other firm falling within any other paragraph, its head office.16