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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2018-07-01.

omnibus client account

    59as the context requires, either:

      1. (a) an account8790 maintained by a firm at an authorised central counterparty for more than one client of the firm in respect of which the authorised central counterparty has agreed with the firm to provide omnibus client segregation; or
      1. (b) an account8790 maintained 87at a clearing member at the request of a firm and in respect of more than one indirect client of the firm, as described in:90
        1. (i) article 4(2)(a) or 4(2)(b) of the EMIR L2 Regulation; or90
        1. (ii) article 4(2)(a) or 4(2)(b) of the MiFIR indirect clearing RTS.90