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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2011-04-29.

firm-specific liquidity stress

    41(in relation to a firm and any reporting obligations under SUP 16 (Reporting requirements)):

      1. (a) (in the case of reporting obligations on a solo basis (including on the basis of the firm's UK branch) the firm failing to meet, not complying with or being in breach of:
        1. (i) the liquidity resources requirement calculated by that firm as adequate in its current Individual Liquidity Adequacy Assessment or Individual Liquidity Systems Assessment; or
        1. (ii) the level of its liquid assets buffer advised in any current individual liquidity guidance that the firm has accepted; or
        1. (iii) its funding profile advised in any current individual liquidity guidance that the firm has accepted; or
        1. (iv) the overall liquidity adequacy rule; or
        1. (v) BIPRU 12.2.8R (ILAS BIPRU firm adequate buffer of high quality, unencumbered assets) or BIPRU 12.2.11R (liquid assets buffer is at least equal to the simplified buffer requirement); or
        1. (vi) the simplified buffer requirement (taking into account BIPRU TP 29 (Liquid assets buffer scalar: simplified ILAS BIPRU firms) unless this has been superseded by individual liquidity guidance that it has accepted; or
        1. (vii) any requirement imposed by or under the regulatory system under which the firm must hold a specified level of liquidity resources;
        or it being likely that the firm will do so;
      1. (b) (in the case of reporting obligations with respect to the firm and a group of other persons) has the same meaning as in (a) except that references to any rule or other requirement, Individual Liquidity Adequacy Assessment, Individual Liquidity Systems Assessment or individual liquidity guidance are to any such thing so far as it applies to the firm and that group considered together.