Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2018-04-01.

payment service provider

      1. 71198(1) (except in DISP) (in accordance with regulation 2(1) of the Payment Services Regulations159) any of the following persons when they carry out a payment service:
        1. (a) an authorised payment institution;
        1. (b) a small payment institution;
        1. (ba) a registered account information service provider;159
        1. (c) an EEA authorised payment institution;
        1. (ca) an EEA registered account information service provider,
        1. (d) a credit institution159;
        1. (e) 94200an electronic money issuer;94200
        1. (f) the Post Office Limited;
        1. (g) the Bank of England, the European Central Bank and the national central banks of EEA States other than the United Kingdom, other than when acting in their capacity as a monetary authority or carrying out other functions of a public nature; and
        1. (h) government departments and local authorities, other than when carrying out functions of a public nature.
        [Note: article 1(1) of the Payment Services Directive]
      1. (2) (in 199 DISP)159 as in (1) but excluding a credit institution159.94200
      1. (3) (in FEES 9) any person with access to a regulated payment system who provides services to consumers or businesses who are not participants in a regulated payment system, for the purposes of enabling the transfer of funds using that regulated payment system. For the purposes of FEES 9, the Bank of England is not considered a payment service provider.133
      1. 139(4) (in FEES 9) any person with access to an IFR card payment system who acts as an acquirer or card issuer for the purposes of enabling the transfer of funds under the rules of that IFR card payment system.