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personal transaction

    46a trade in a designated investment effected by or on behalf of a relevant person, where at least one of the following criteria are met:

      1. (1) that relevant person is acting outside the scope of the activities he carried out in that capacity;
      1. (2) the trade is carried out for the account of any of the following persons:
        1. (a) the relevant person;
        1. (b) the spouse or civil partner of the relevant person or any partner of that person considered by national law as equivalent to a spouse;
        1. (c) a dependent child or stepchild of the relevant person;
        1. (d) any other relative of the relevant person who has shared the same household as that person for at least one year on the date of the personal transaction concerned;
        1. (e) any person with whom he has close links;
        1. (f) a person whose relationship with the relevant person is such that the relevant person has a direct or indirect material interest in the outcome of the trade, other than a fee or commission for the execution of the trade.

    [Note: article 2(7) and article 11 of the MiFID implementing Directive]