Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2019-01-31.

standardised approach

      1. 120
        1. (for the purposes of BIPRU) one of the following:
          1. (a) (where expressed to relate to credit risk) the method for calculating capital requirements for credit risk in BIPRU 3 (Credit risk) and BIPRU 9.2.1R(1) and BIPRU 9.11 (Standardised approach);
          1. (b) [deleted]167
          1. (c) (where not expressed to relate to any risk and used in BIPRU 3, BIPRU 4 (IRB approach), BIPRU 5 (Credit risk mitigation), BIPRU 9 (Securitisation)167) it has the meaning in (a);
          1. (d) [deleted]167
          1. (e) (where the one of the approaches in (a) to (c)167 is being applied on a consolidated basis) that approach as applied on a consolidated basis in accordance with BIPRU 8 (Group risk - consolidation); or
          1. (f) when the reference is to the rules of or administered by a regulatory body other than the appropriate regulator, whatever corresponds to the approach in (a) to (e), as the case may be, under those rules.