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securities financing transaction

    (1) (in COBS, in CASS) an instance of stock lending or stock borrowing or the lending or borrowing of other financial instruments, a repurchase or reverse repurchase transaction, or a buy-sell back or sell-buy back transaction.49

    [Note: article 2(10) of the MiFID Regulation]49

    155(1A) (in COLL and FUND) a transaction defined in article 3(11) of the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation as follows:

      1. 155(a) a repurchase transaction, as defined in article 3(9) of the SFTR;
      1. 155(b) securities or commodities lending and securities or commodities borrowing as defined in article 3(7) of the SFTR;
      1. 155(c) a buy-sell back transaction or sell-buy back transaction as defined in article 3(8) of the SFTR; and
      1. 155(d) a margin lending transaction as defined in article 3(10) of the SFTR.

    (2) (in any other case) any of the following:49

      1. (a) a repurchase transaction; or
      1. (b) a securities or commodities lending or borrowing transaction; or
      1. (c) a margin lending transaction.