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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2012-12-13.

capital resources table

    48(in relation to an insurer or BIPRU firm) the table specified in GENPRU 2.2.19 R (Applicable capital resources calculation) which in summary is as follows:

      1. (1) (in the case of an insurer) GENPRU 2 Annex 1;
      1. (2) (in the case of a bank) GENPRU 2 Annex 2;
      1. (3) (in the case of a building society) GENPRU 2 Annex 3; and
      1. (4) (in relation to a BIPRU investment firm) whichever of the tables in GENPRU 2 Annex 4, GENPRU 2 Annex 5 or GENPRU 2 Annex 6 applies to the firm under GENPRU 2.2.19 R.