Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2018-07-02.

administrative functions

      1. 4(a) (in relation to managing investments):
        1. (i) arranging settlement;
        1. (ii) monitoring and processing corporate actions;
        1. (iii) client account administration, liaison and reporting, including valuation and performance measurement;
        1. (iv) ISA58 or CTF administration;16
        1. (v) investment trust savings scheme administration;
      1. (b) (in relation to effecting or carrying out life policies):
        1. (i) new business administration;
        1. (ii) policy alterations including surrenders and policy loans;
        1. (iii) preparing projections;
        1. (iv) processing claims including pension payments;
        1. (v) fund switching;
      1. (c) (in relation to the operation of a stakeholder pension scheme):
        1. (i) new business administration;
        1. (ii) receipt of or alteration to contributions;
        1. (iii) preparing projections and annual statements;
        1. (iv) administration of transfers;
        1. (v) handling claims, including pension payments;
        1. (vi) fund allocation and switching.