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connected contract

    a non-investment insurance contract which:

      1. (a) is not a contract of long-term insurance (as defined by article 3 of the Regulated Activities Order);
      1. (b) [deleted]223
      1. (c) has a premium of -
        1. (i) 600 euro or less (calculated on a pro rata annual basis), or223
        1. (ii) where the contract of insurance is complementary to a service being provided by the provider and the duration of that service is equal to or less than three months, 200 euro or less;223
        or equivalent amounts of sterling or another currency;223
      1. (d) covers the risk of:
        1. (i) breakdown, loss of, or damage to, non-motor goods supplied by the provider; or
        1. (ia) the non-use of services supplied by the provider; or223
        1. (ii) damage to, or loss of, baggage and other risks linked to the travel booked with the provider ("travel risks") in circumstances where:
          1. (A) the travel booked with the provider relates to attendance at an event organised or managed by that provider and the party seeking insurance is not an individual (acting in their223 private capacity) or a small business; or
          1. (B) the travel booked with the provider is only the hire of an aircraft, vehicle or vessel which does not provide sleeping accommodation;
      1. (e) does not cover any liability risks (except, in the case of a contract which covers travel risks, where the cover is ancillary to the main cover provided by the contract); and223
      1. (f) is complementary to the non-motor goods being supplied or service being provided by the provider.223
      1. (g) [deleted]223

      1. (h) the transfer of possession of an aircraft, vehicle or vessel under an agreement for hire which is not:
        1. (i) a hire-purchase agreement157; or
        1. (ii) any other agreement which contemplates that the property in those goods will also pass at some time in the future;
        is the provision of a service related to travel, not a supply of goods;
      1. (i) "small business" means a sole trader, body corporate, partnership or an unincorporated association which had a turnover in the last financial year of less than £1,000,000 (but where the small business is a member of a group within the meaning of section 262(1) of the Companies Act 1985 (and after the repeal of that section, within the meaning of section 474(1) of the Companies Act 2006), reference to its turnover means the combined turnover of the group);
      1. (j) "turnover" means the amounts derived from the provision of goods and services falling within the business's ordinary activities, after deduction of trade discounts, value added tax and any other taxes based on the amounts so derived.