Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2016-04-06.

contracts of large risks

    (in ICOB) contracts of insurance covering risks within the following categories, in accordance with article 13(27) of the Solvency II Directive:172

      1. (a) railway rolling stock, aircraft, ships (sea, lake, river and canal vessels), goods in transit, aircraft liability and liability of ships (sea, lake, river and canal vessels);
      1. (b) credit and suretyship, where the policyholder is engaged professionally in an industrial or commercial activity or in one of the liberal professions, and the risks relate to such activity;17
      1. (c) land vehicles (other than railway rolling stock), fire and natural forces, other damage to property, motor vehicle liability, general liability, and miscellaneous financial loss, in so far as the policyholder exceeds the limits of at least two of the following three criteria:17
        1. (i) balance sheet total: €6.2 million;
        1. (ii) net turnover: €12.8 million;
        1. (iii) average number of employees during the financial year: 250.