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      1. 45
      1. 119
        1. (1) (subject to (2) and (3)) a process by which assets are sold to a bankruptcy-remote special purpose vehicle in return for immediate cash payment and that vehicle raises the immediate cash payment through the issue of debt securities in the form of tradable notes or commercial paper.
        1. (2) (in accordance with Article 4(36) of the Banking Consolidation Directive (Definitions) and in BIPRU and MIPRU 4)110 a transaction or scheme whereby the credit risk associated with an exposure or pool of exposures is tranched having the following characteristics:
          1. (a) payments in the transaction or scheme are dependent upon the performance of the exposure or pool of exposures; and
          1. (b) the subordination of tranches determines the distribution of losses during the ongoing life of the transaction or scheme.
        1. (3) (in IFPRU) has the meaning in article 4(1)(61) of the EU CRR.