Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2018-12-09.


      1. (1) (except in12 COLL 12 ) the investment, specified in article 79 of the Regulated Activities Order (Instruments giving entitlements to investments), which is in summary: a warrant or other instrument entitling the holder to subscribe for a share, debenture, alternative debenture20 or government and public security.
      1. (2) (in12 COLL 12 ) an investment in (1) and any other transferable security (not being a nil paid or partly paid security) which is:
        1. (i) listed on an eligible securities market; and
        1. (ii) akin to an investment within (1) in that it involves a down payment by the then holder and a right later to surrender the instrument and to pay more money in return for a further transferable security.3