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UCITS scheme

      1. (a) an authorised fund2143 authorised by the97 FCA 97 in accordance with the UCITS Directive:4321
        1. (i) with the sole object of collective investment in transferable securities or in other liquid financial instruments permitted by COLL 5.2 (General investment powers and limits for UCITS schemes) of capital raised from the public and which operates on the principle of risk-spreading; and43
        1. (ii) with units which are, at the request of Unitholders, repurchased or redeemed, directly or indirectly, out of the scheme's assets; and for this purpose action taken by or on behalf of a scheme to ensure that the stock exchange value of its units does not significantly vary from their net asset value is to be regarded as equivalent to that repurchase or redemption; or43
      1. (b) 21an2143 umbrella,43 each of whose sub-funds would be a UCITS scheme21 if it had a separate authorisation order;13


      1. (c) 43[deleted]43
      1. (d) the scheme's units under its43 instrument constituting the scheme, may be sold only to the public in non-EEA States; or43 13
      1. (e) the scheme (other than a master UCITS which has at least two feeder UCITS as Unitholders) raises capital without promoting the sale of its units to the public within the EEA or any part of it.43

    [Note: article 1 of the UCITS Directive]