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UCITS scheme

    an authorised fund:

      1. (a) whose instrument constituting the scheme contains a statement that it is:
        1. (i) a UCITS scheme; or 13
        1. (ii) a UCITS scheme that complies with CIS 5;13
        1. (iii) a securities scheme; or13
        1. (iv) a warrants scheme; or13
      1. (b) which is an umbrella scheme each of whose sub-funds would be a UCITS scheme, securities scheme or warrants scheme if it had a separate authorisation order;13


      1. (c) the scheme raises capital without promoting the sale of its units to the public within the EEA or any part of it; or
      1. (d) the scheme's units under its trust deed or its instrument constituting the scheme, may be sold only to the public in non-EEA States. 13