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      1. 55
        1. (1) (except in CONC App 1.1and SUP 17A79) only the purchase and sale of a financial instrument. 7979
        1. (2) (in CONC App 1.3, except in CONC App 1.1.6R (1)(c)) a credit agreement, any transaction which is a linked transaction, any contract for the provision of security relating to the credit agreement, any credit broking contract relating to the credit agreement and any other contract to which the borrower or a relative of the borrower79 is a party and which the lender requires to be made or maintained as a condition of the making of the credit agreement.
        1. 79(3) (in SUP 17A), a concluded acquisition or disposal of a reportablefinancial instrument, including those in articles 2(2) to 2(4) of MiFID RTS 22, but excluding those in article 2(5) of that EU regulation.