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service company

    a firm whose only permitted activities are making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments, and agreeing to carry on that regulated activity, and whose Part 4A permission 227 :

      1. (a) incorporates a limitation substantially to the effect that the firm carry on regulated activities only with market counterparties or intermediate customers
      1. (b) includes requirements substantially to the effect that the firm must not:
        1. (i) guarantee, or otherwise accept responsibility for, the performance, by a participant in arrangements made by the firm in carrying on regulated activities, of obligations undertaken by that participant in connection with those arrangements; or
        1. (ii) approve any financial promotion on behalf of any other person or any specified class of persons; or
        1. (iii) in carrying on its regulated activities, provide services otherwise than in accordance with documents (of a kind specified in the requirement) provided by the firm to the227 FCA.227 2 13