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      1. 118
        1. (1) (except in LR and CONC121) (in accordance with article 3(1) of the Regulated Activities Order (Interpretation)) any of the following investments specified in that Order:
          1. (a) share (article 76);
          1. (b) debenture (article 77);
          1. (ba) alternative debenture (article 77A);
          1. (c) government and public security (article 78);
          1. (d) warrant (article 79);
          1. (e) certificate representing certain securities (article 80);
          1. (f) unit (article 81);
          1. (g) stakeholder pension scheme (article 82(1));
          1. (ga) personal pension scheme (article 82(2));
          1. (h) rights to or interests in investments in (a) to (g) (article 89).
        1. (2) (in LR) (in accordance with section 102A of the Act) anything which has been, or may be admitted to the official list.
        1. (3) (in CONC) in accordance with article 60L of the Regulated Activities Order, in relation to a credit agreement or a consumer hire agreement121, a mortgage, charge, pledge, bond, debenture, indemnity, guarantee, bill, note or other right provided by the borrower or hirer or121 at the implied or express request of the borrower or hirer121 to secure the carrying out of the obligations of the borrower or hirer121 under the agreement.