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      1. (1) (except in49 COBS 49 , CASS and SUP ) a collective investment scheme.
      1. (2) (in49 COBS 49 , CASS and SUP)
        1. (a) a regulated collective investment scheme ;
        1. (b) an investment trust where the relevant shares have been,61 or61 will61 be,61 acquired through an61 investment trust savings scheme 61 ;
        1. (c) an investment trust51661, if:6161
          1. (i) the relevant shares 61will61 be held 61in a wrapper or personal pension scheme; and61
          1. (ii) the trust and the wrapper or personal pension scheme will be promoted together;61
        1. (d) (in61COBS 18.579) in addition to (a), (b) and (c), an unregulated collective investment scheme.