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You are viewing the version of the document as on 2024-02-27.

WDPG App 1.1 Overview

WDPG App 1.1.1G

1This Quick Reference Guide (QRG) (WDPG Apps 1 to 12) may help solo-regulated firms to put the theory of wind-down planning into practice.

WDPG App 1.1.2G

This QRG is not a definitive checklist for wind-down planning as no two firms are identical and the actual wind-down planning process will depend on a firm’s specific business and operating model. This QRG highlights the various components a firm can include when building its wind-down plan.

WDPG App 1.1.3G

This QRG is written for all solo-regulated firms, but it may be particularly helpful to those carrying out wind-down planning for the first time.