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WDPG 2.1 Application and interpretation

WDPG 2.1.1 G

1This guide aims to assist FCA solo-regulated firms authorised with a Part 4A permission2 with wind-down planning. It is not relevant where a firm is already in administration or liquidation, nor is it directly relevant to recovery strategies a firm may engage in as part of its recovery plan. While the guide does not impose any obligation on a firm to create a wind-down plan, it shows what an effective wind-down plan might include.

WDPG 2.1.2 G

This guide is general guidance given under section 139A of the Act.

WDPG 2.1.3 G

Interpretative provisions (including definitions in the Glossary) of the FCA Handbook apply to this guide in the same way they apply to the FCA Handbook. Where a definition is defined in the Act that definition applies in this guide.