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SYSC 13.3 Other related Handbook sections

SYSC 13.3.1G



3The following is a non-exhaustive list of rules and guidance in the Handbook that are relevant to a firm's management of operational risk:

  1. (1)

    COBS contains rules and guidance that can relate to the management of operational risk; for example, COBS 2 (Conduct of business obligations), COBS 4 (Communicating with clients, including financial promotions), COBS 6 (Information about the firm, its services and remuneration), COBS 7 (Insurance distribution2), COBS 9 (Suitability (including basic advice)(other than MiFID and insurance-based investment products)2), COBS 9A (Suitability (MiFID and insurance-based investment products provisions), COBS 10A (Appropriateness (for non-advised services) (MiFID and insurance-based investment products provisions),2 COBS 11 (Dealing and managing), COBS 12 (Investment research), COBS 14 (Providing product information to clients) and COBS 19 (Pensions: supplementary provisions).