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Status: You are viewing the version of the handbook as on 2012-12-13.

SUP App 2.9 Under control of a new parent undertaking

SUP App 2.9.1G

A firm that has notified the FSA of a new parent undertaking may be requested to submit a scheme of operations (see SUP 11.5.5 G). A scheme of operations would be requested if the significance and circumstances of the change were considered to be sufficient to merit that level of scrutiny. This is normally only likely to be necessary when there has been an ultimate change in control, or when, as a result of the change in control, significant changes are proposed to the firm's regulated activities, business plan or strategy. A firm which has submitted a scheme of operations under SUP 11.5.5 G, is not required to submit a further scheme of operations under this appendix unless SUP App 2.4, SUP App 2.5 or SUP App 2.8 applies. SUP App 2.13 does, however, apply to such a firm.