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SUP App 1.2 Purpose

SUP App 1.2.1G

The purpose of this appendix is to give guidance on the prudential categories and sub-categories of firm used in the Interim Prudential sourcebooks and the Supervision manual. The prudential categories are defined in the Glossary, and some of the sub-categories are defined there and some in the glossaries of the Interim Prudential sourcebooks.

SUP App 1.2.2G

Prudential requirements for firms are set out in the Prudential Standards part of the Handbook according to their prudential category. Certain reporting requirements and other prudential material are contained in the Supervision manual, for example SUP 16 (Reporting requirements).1

SUP App 1.2.3G

If there is any doubt about prudential categorisation, a firm should seek individual guidance from its usual supervisory contact at the FSA and an applicant for authorisation should seek guidance from the Corporate Authorisation department.