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SUP 8.9 Decision making

SUP 8.9.1GRP

The waivers regime is overseen by a staff committee. Its responsibility is to ensure that the giving of waivers is in accordance with the requirements of the Act, of the guidance in SUP 8 and of other relevant guidance. Decisions on individual applications are made under arrangements designed to result in rapid, responsive and well-informed decision making. The arrangements include arrangements for collective decision making to set general policies, and, as necessary, determine cases for applications with substantially common characteristics (for example, waivers in relation to the same rule or related rules or by firms in a similar position). It also includes arrangements for decision making by individuals within established precedents and policies.

SUP 8.9.2GRP

1If the appropriate regulator2, in the course of carrying on supplementary supervision of a financial conglomerate, is considering exercising its powers under section 138A2 of the Act (Modification or waiver of rules), regulation 4 of the Financial Groups Directive Regulations contains special provisions. The appropriate regulator2 must, in broad terms, do two things. Where required by those regulations, it must obtain the consent of the relevant competent authorities of the group. And, where required by those Regulations, it must consult those competent authorities.