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SUP 8.8 Revoking waivers

SUP 8.8.1GRP

The FSA may revoke a waiver at any time. In deciding whether to revoke a waiver, the FSA will consider whether the conditions in section 148(4) of the Act are no longer satisfied (see SUP 8.3.1 G), and whether the waiver is otherwise no longer appropriate. The FSA may revoke a waiver with immediate effect, if it considers that this is necessary, for example, in order to prevent undue risk to consumers.

SUP 8.8.2GRP

If the FSA proposes to revoke a waiver, or revokes a waiver with immediate effect, it will:

  1. (1)

    give the firm written notice either of its proposal, or of its action, giving reasons;

  2. (2)

    state in the notice a reasonable period (usually 28 days) within which the firm can make representations about the proposal or action; if a firm wants to make oral representations, it should inform the FSA as quickly as possible , specify who will make the representations and which matters will be covered; the FSA will inform the firm of the time and place for hearing the representations and may request a written summary;

  3. (3)

    after considering any representations, in the case of a proposed revocation, give the firm written confirmation of its decision to revoke the waiver or not; or, in the case of a revocation that has already taken effect, either confirm the revocation or seek the firm's consent to a new waiver.

SUP 8.8.3GRP

If the waiver that has been revoked has previously been published, the FSA will publish the revocation unless it is satisfied that it is inappropriate or unnecessary to do so, having regard to any representations made by the firm.