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SUP 7.1 Application and purpose


SUP 7.1.1GRP

This chapter applies to every firm which has a Part 4A permission.2

SUP 7.1.2GRP




SUP 7.1.3GRP

The Handbook primarily contains provisions which apply to all firms or to certain categories of firm. However, a firm may apply for a waiver or modification of rules in certain circumstances as set out in SUP 8; or it may receive individual guidance on the application of the rules, as set out in SUP 9.

SUP 7.1.4GRP

The FCA2, in the course of its supervision of a firm, may sometimes judge it necessary or desirable to impose additional requirements on a firm or in some way amend or restrict the activities which the firm has permission to undertake. The guidance in this chapter describes when and how the FCA2 will seek to do this.

SUP 7.1.5GRP

By waiving or modifying the requirements of a rule or imposing an additional requirement or limitation, the FCA2 can ensure that the rules, and any other requirements or limitations imposed on a firm, take full account of the firm's individual circumstances, and so assist the FCA2 in meeting its2statutory objectives under the Act.2

SUP 7.1.6G

4In some circumstances, the FCA may consider that it is insufficient to impose such requirements, amendments or limitations and that it will use its powers under the Act to remove one or more such activities from or cancel the Part 4A permission of a firm, whether under its own-initiative variation power or, where the relevant firm is an FCA-authorised person, under its additional own-initiative variation power.