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SUP 1A.2 Introduction

  1. (1)

    The Supervision manual (SUP) and Decision Procedure and Penalties manual (DEPP) form the Regulatory Processes part of the Handbook.

  2. (2)

    SUP sets out the relationship between the FCA and authorised persons (referred to in the Handbook as firms). As a general rule, SUP contains material that is of continuing relevance after authorisation.

  3. (3)

    DEPP is principally concerned with and sets out the FCA's decision making procedures that involve the giving of statutory notices, the FCA's policy in respect to the imposition and amount of penalties, and the conduct of interviews to which a direction under section 169(7) of the Act has been given or the FCA is considering giving.


For a firm which undertakes business internationally (or is part of a group which does), the FCA will have regard to the context in which it operates, including the nature and scope of the regulation to which it is subject in jurisdictions other than the United Kingdom. For a firm with its head office outside the United Kingdom, the regulation in the jurisdiction where the head office is located will be particularly relevant. As part of its supervision of such a firm, the FCA will usually seek to cooperate with relevant overseas regulators, including exchanging information on the firm. Different arrangements apply for an incoming EEA firm, an incoming Treaty firm and a UCITS qualifier. The arrangements applying for an incoming EEA firm and an incoming Treaty firm are addressed in SYSC Appendix 1. For UCITS qualifiers see also COLLG.