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You are viewing the version of the document as on 2024-02-27.

SUP 16 Annex 16A 21Firm details (See SUP 16.10.4R)5

SUP 16 Annex 16A.1R

A: Communications with a firm

1. Name of the firm

2. Trading name(s) of the firm

3. [deleted]6

4. Registered office

5. Principal place of business

5A. Head office7

5B. UK branch address (if the firm is a branch)7

6. Website address

7. Complaints contact and complaints officer3

8. The name and email address of the primary3 compliance contact

B: Information about a firm3and its appointed representatives 8 on the Financial Services Register9

8A. Information about any appointed representative of the firm8

9. [deleted]6

10. [deleted]6

11. [deleted]6

C: Other information about a firm

12. [deleted]6

13. [deleted]6

14. Name and address of firm's auditor

14A. Name and address of firm’s actuary (where relevant)7

15. [deleted]6

16. Accounting reference date

16A. Financial year end date7

17. Locum3

18. The name and email address of the firm’s principal user of the appropriate systems accessible from the FCA’s website4