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SUP 15 Annex 6 Notifications by UK AIFMs


1This annex consists of one or more forms. Forms can be completed online now by visiting

The forms referred to below can be found in the following Annexes in SUP:

SUP 15 Annex 6A R - AIFMD new fund under management notification

SUP 15 Annex 6B R - AIFMD notification of senior personnel amendments or removal form

SUP 15 Annex 6C R - AIFMD full-scope UK AIFM material change notification

SUP 15 Annex 6D R - AIFMD notice of sub-threshold AIFM exceeding AuM limit

SUP 15 Annex 6E D - AIFMD small registered AIFM change form

SUP 15 Annex 6F G - SEF and RVECA23

management and marketing notifications