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SUP 15.10 3Reporting suspicious transactions or orders (market abuse)1

SUP 15.10.1R


3Notification of suspicious transactions or orders: general

SUP 15.10.2R


SUP 15.10.2AUKRP

3[article 16 of the Market Abuse Regulation.]

Notification of suspicious transactions: investment firms and credit institutions

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SUP 15.10.4GRP
  1. (1)

    Notification of suspicious transactions or orders3 to the FCA requires sufficient indications (which may not be apparent until after the transaction has taken place) that the transaction or order3 might constitute market abuse. In particular a person subject to article 16 of the Market Abuse Regulation3 will need to be able to explain the basis for the3 suspicion when notifying the FCA. Certain transactions or orders3 by themselves may seem completely devoid of anything suspicious, but might deliver such indications of possible market abuse, when seen in perspective with other transactions, certain behaviour or other information (though persons subject to article 16 of the Market Abuse Regulation3 are not expected to breach effective information barriers put in place to prevent and avoid conflicts of interest so as actively to seek to detect suspicious transactions).3

  2. (2)

    Assistance in identifying the elements constituting market abuse can be found within the Market Abuse Regulation3.

3Timeframe for notification

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3Content of notification

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3Means of notification

SUP 15.10.7GRP

3A person subject to article 16 of the Market Abuse Regulation making a notification to the FCA under this section may do so using the system indicated on the FCA’s website.

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