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SUP 10.4 Specification of functions

SUP 10.4.1R

Each of the functions described in SUP 10.4.5 R (the table of controlled functions) is a controlled function.

SUP 10.4.2G

SUP 10.4.1 R, together with the table of controlled functions in SUP 10.4.5 R, specifies, in brief terms, the descriptions of the controlled functions. Other rules in this chapter contain the detail of the description for each function. Further rules in this chapter contain provisions which will apply to each description as indicated in those rules: see in particular 1SUP 10.1 for the application provisions.

SUP 10.4.3G

The fact that a person may be approved for one purpose does not have the effect of bringing all his activities within that controlled function.

SUP 10.4.4G

Certain controlled functions expressly include other controlled functions: see SUP 10.6.2 R in relation to governing functions; SUP 10.10.7 R in relation to the investment adviser function; and SUP 10.10.20 R in relation to the investment management function. In view of broad descriptions of the significant management functions (CF16 to CF20), these are expressed so as not to include other controlled functions.