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SIFA 8.5 Reporting and Notification Requirements

SIFA 8.5.1G

The Supervision manual sets out provisions on the periodic reporting and notification of financial information to us. Personal investment firms must comply with SUP 16.7.76 R to SUP 16.7.81 G. There is further information in Chapter 12 of the Guide.

SIFA 8.5.2G

Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR) reporting started on 1 April 2005. The return requires financial information and also includes a PII section that must be completed and which replaces the self-certification form. There is more information in Chapter 12.1 of the Guide.

SIFA 8.5.3G

There are also six notifiable events relating to PII. These include the requirements that your firm must tell us as soon as it finds out that its professional indemnity insurance is being cancelled or that it cannot obtain new cover (IPRU(INV) 13.1.9R). This rule is in addition to the general notification requirements in SUP 15).

The following sections of the Guide are also relevant:

'Reporting and notifications' - Chapter 12

'Variation and cancellation of permission' - Chapter 15

'Waivers and Rule Modifications' - Chapter 16

If you do mortgage or general insurance business you should also refer to MIGI 7 and MIGI 8.